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About The Game:

Advanced Tactics: Mini RTS Expanded is a simplistic 3D RTS game designed to run in web browsers using the WebGL API. It is an expansion to an “unfinished” game that was made in 7 days.


  • Strategically build your own base, then defend it!
  • Command Tanks to destroy your opponent
  • Retro/Pixel-art textures in a 3D world
  • Instense Music!!


Advanced Tactics: Mini RTS is a game developed by a team of 3 people in only 7 days for the Ludum Dare MiniLD #66. Since then we have grown very passionate about Advanced Tactics and have high hopes for the future of this project.



Advanced Tactics: Mini RTS Expanded is the first expansion of Advanced Tactics: MiniRTS and it will be updated until a certain point of development where I think it’s well-polished enough to begin another major expansion.

Play The Expansion

mLD #66:

Play the original entry here: Ludum Dare Entry

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v0.8 Changelog


v0.8 Changelog:

  • -Structure Details Displayed (Name, HP, Info)
  • -Better UI
  • -Colored HP Text
  • -Takes half as much memory (512MB > 256MB)
  • -Units can now stop for battle, attack, and then continue it’s path after battle.
  • -Some other things
  • -Structures are now pathfinding obsticals
  • -Fixed bug where selected unit's info won't be displayed unless u manually deselect the prior
  • selected unit
  • -Fixed ALOT more bugs
March Re-Cap: "Advanced Tactics: Mini RTS"

March Re-Cap: "Advanced Tactics: Mini RTS"


If you follow my twitter handle “GregGreenGame” you saw on March 30th that I was working on a project for Ludum Dare. I entered in mLD #66 “Construct...

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