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A tale of broken hearts and mending souls...

Absinthia is a turn-based RPG that explores themes of love, loss, betrayal and acceptance as four close friends fight to protect their home.


The Ambrose Isles are home to many things: A pirate hideout, a treacherous swamp, an abandoned desert kingdom... But for those who prefer a danger-free life, Katti Town is the place to be.

One night, Katti Town found itself besieged by a horde of shadowy minions and their leader, Lilith. But hope was not lost--before Lilith could claim victory, a traveling knight named Freya appeared and drove back Lilith`s forces with ease.

Now known as the Hero of Katti Town, Freya took three villagers under her wing: Sera, a warrior-in-training; Thomas, an apprentice mage; and his partner, the mischievous thief Jake. Together, they train to protect Katti Town and the Ambrose Isles. But one question remains on everyone's minds: Why is Lilith attacking the isles to begin with... And who is Freya?


  • Traditional turn-based jRPG battle system with modern quality-of-life features to make combat more fun and engaging
  • Difficulty options for those who seek challenge--or only want to focus on the story
  • An LGBTQ character cast
  • Colorful Gameboy-style pixel art and illustrations
  • Original soundtrack: Composed by Jazz Stewart, Absinthia's soundtrack is a modern take on some of the greatest tunes from the SNES era of jRPGs
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Steam Main Capsule PDN

Here's a link to the Kickstarter!

And here's a quick overview of the reward tiers:

Tier 1: Digital Key
Tier 2: OST + Desktop Wallpapers
Tier 3: Digital copies of Celestial Hearts and Knight Bewitched
Tier 4: Absinthia Early Access (~1-2 months in advance)

The following tiers also include tiers 1-4 and a unique Discord server role:

Tier 5: Leave a message! (on a poster, grave, or book)
Tier 6: Design a legendary weapon! (5 slots)
Tier 7: Become an NPC! (40 slots)
Tier 8: Design an enemy! (10 slots)
Tier 9: Design a boss! (5 slots)
Tier 10: Design a quest & NPC! (3 slots)
Tier 11: Become a dungeon master! (Design a dungeon, boss, NPC & Quest)

If you're strapped for cash or just want a digital Steam key, no problem! For the first 24 hours you can pick up an Early Bird Absinthia key for just $12 (normally $15).


Will there be digital keys offered for other platforms (namely the Nintendo Switch)?

I'm working with my publisher to see if I can offer Switch keys, but in all likelihood I won't have a definitive answer until Absinthia is finished. Unfortunately, the answer at this time is "I don't know". My publisher is handling the console porting and publishing, so whether or not I can obtain console keys is entirely up to them.

Are there be any physical rewards?

Nope, not this time! For context, the physical rewards offered with the Knight Bewitched campaign were a total wash (I actually lost money from them, and they were a huge time sink!)

Is Absinthia a sequel?

Absinthia takes place some time after the events and features some characters from my previous game Celestial Hearts. That said, Absinthia's story was written to stand alone, so you don't need to play Knight Bewitched or Celestial Hearts first to enjoy the story.

Is this game SFW?

Yes. The story features sapphic/yuri elements, but there is no nudity/NSFW content.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment here or on the Kickstarter page itself! Once again, here is a link to the Kickstarter. See you there, and have a great week!



Absinthia Trailer, Demo + Kickstarter info

Absinthia Trailer, Demo + Kickstarter info


Absinthia's demo is available on Steam and Itch.io! The Kickstarter campaign will begin in late April-early May!


Looks great!

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