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Experience first-person tactical space combat in A-Spec First Assault. Fly corvette class warships, customize your load-outs, and do battle against opposing forces where ship positioning matters.

  • Keep your strongest side to your enemy.
  • Use familiar present-day weaponry.
  • Take advantage of range, firepower, and firing arcs.
  • Earn and spend Prestige on new ships, weapons, upgrades are available.
  • Modular ship design allows you to take advantage of a range of projectile and missile turrets.
  • Enhance the abilities of your warship with a range of offensive and defensive modules.

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A-SPEC: First Assault is tactical space combat involving piloting corvette class starships, fitting main batteries, and turrets. Battle hostile starships discover their weak spots while protecting your own.

To join the playtest simply download from the files section or Request Access for immediate access via the Steam Store page. Also available on GameJolt. Available for Windows 64-bit.

The A-SPEC playtest offers an arena battle against a hostile starship. Controls supported include Keyboard & Mouse, Game Controllers (i.e. Xbox and Playstation), HOTAS, and flight pedals.

Customize your corvettes loadout with long-range but slow firing or short-range fast-firing weaponry on your main batteries or turreted weapon mounts.

ASPEC First Assault Gameplay

Position your strongest side to the enemy while you maneuver to their weakest.

ASPEC First Assault Gameplay

Six degrees of freedom, fly backward or sideways, to help maintain optimum weapon range while avoiding incoming fire. Disable the flight assists for total freedom and reach ludicrous speeds.

A-Spec First Assault in production

A-Spec First Assault in production


Digitum Software is excited to announce an all-new experience of third-person tactical space combat with A-Spec First Assault.

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Join the playtest and experience first-person tactical space combat. Fly corvette class warships, customize your load-outs and do battle against opposing...

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