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“A Place for the Unwilling” is a sandbox adventure game set in an open world. You won’t get to be a mighty hero, just another inhabitant of the city. Each day will last a fixed amount of time, managing your schedule will be key, as you can’t be everywhere.

This is a life-breathing city full of mysteries waiting to be unveiled.

The game turns the urban landscape into a kind of biological creature.- Kill Screen

It looks hella pretty.- Rock Paper Shotgun

The adage about cities being alive has never been truer than in AlPixel Games's open-world narrative adventure game.- Indie Game Magazine

I simply have to explore and enjoy its promised detail and myriad of stories.- Indie Games

I wouldn't have thought there was much overlap between Majora's Mask and Sunless Sea, but A Place for the Unwilling found a way.- PC Gamer

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Hey there!

We will soon enter the last week of our kickstarter campaign, so far we have collected over 80% of our funding goal, we still need to get the remaining 20% but we are really happy with all the support we have been getting since the campaign launched.

Today we would like to talk a bit more about the music, and upload some tests for you to listen :-)

Each area of the city is different, yet they share the same roots. We are trying to create a coherent environment while making each quarter special and filled with distinctive elements. Same thing happens with music, these two tracks use the same instrumentation, but in each of them the orchestra’s interpretation is completly different.

Contrast is everywhere. "Walking through the City" attempts to reflect the luxury life of those who inhabit the rich part of the city, on the other hand, "The Factories Running" stands for the filthy streets and the oppressive atmosphere of the poor quarter.

"Walking through the City" is all about creating flow, with the instruments playing in a sort of naive way. It's a romantic orchestra with a piano as its core piece and a cimbalom as its distinguishing element.

"The Factories Running" uses the very same instruments, but laying a low base with a gran cassa, piano, doublebass and contrabsoon (with the aid of a bassdrum sound) trying to produce a movement which resembles the machines inside a factory, imitating repetitions and rubbing sounds.

This is still a work in progress, but the end result will follow the same line

There’s still a lot of work left, but these are some examples that we think are representative of the direction what we’ll keep working on. Hope you like it :-)

P.D.: We have unveiled the rest of the stretch goals, so check them out! They're at the end of the campaign page!

Update #5 : A day in the city

Update #5 : A day in the city

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It's always hard for us to explain the gameplay in "A Place for the Unwilling". It doesn't fit into the definition of most genres, that's why we use the...

Update #4 : How it all began

Update #4 : How it all began


Almost a year ago we did a prototype for a game jam, that small experiment would turn into "A Place for the Unwilling", check it out!

"A Place for the Unwilling" : Kickstarter Trailer

"A Place for the Unwilling" : Kickstarter Trailer

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You can now support "A Place for the Unwilling" on Kickstarter. To celebrate that we have released a new trailer with ingame footage, lean back and enjoy...

Update #3 - Meet your avatar

Update #3 - Meet your avatar


Let's meet the character you'll control in "A Place for the Unwilling"

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