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Old school fun meets new school flair - 8bit graphics with real time shadows, particles, bump mapping and more. Gameplay has permadeath but with progression (skills, crafted items, professions, and proficiencies), heavy crafting influence, and more.

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Updated demo with ranged skills, tile animations, doors, a bunch of test skills, and sound effects (windows only)

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I’ve got updated demos for Windows and Mac which include all of the features outlined in the last couple of posts. These are still very much ‘alpha’ quality, and no doubt replete with bugs and imbalances – but honestly it’s starting to feel more like a real game which is pretty cool :).

Here’s the short list of top new additions since the last demo:

  • Sound effects (windows only for now; need to rewrite AVAudioPlayer on Mac due to latency)
  • Ranged Skills
  • Tile Animations
  • Doors
  • Skills (inscribing, learning, activating) and persistence-through-death
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Refactored layout engine and event/action subsystem
  • New Skills:
  • Minor Heal: Heals self for a small amount
  • Heal: Heals self for 50 HP
  • Renew: Heals for a small amount over time
  • Renew (passive): Grants 1HP every turn
  • Heal Trap: Places a trap that when an enemy mob steps on it, sprays healing globes
  • Poison Dart: Shoots a poison dart at an enemy
  • Poison Cloud: Casts a poison cloud around the caster
  • Flame Path: Leaves a trail of destruction behind you
  • Immobilize Group: Immobilizes mobs in an area for 5 turns
  • Flame Blast: Blasts an area which burns enemies for 10 turns
  • Fleet Foot: Dodge all attacks for 6 turns
  • Stoneskin: Reduces damage taken by 75% for 10 turns
  • Stonefist: Increases damage dealt 2.5x for 10 turns
  • Immobilize: Immobilizes a foe for 10 turns
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