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You play as Jelly, who, as his name suggests, is a jelly that can change its shape. Thanks to this ability, you can take on the form and skills of people you meet.

With the help of this unique talent, you will travel the galaxy to free your mentor and learn the truth about the invader - Distortion.


Alongside Jelly, you'll play as his friends from other planets, each with a different set of skills and weapons. A boombox capable of breaking glass walls or the power to climb vertical walls are just some of them.

Would you rather cause destruction as Wulka or freeze your enemies with icy precision as Ice? Or will you steal some life as Plant? One thing is for sure - each of them will show something different in battle!


For thousands of years, the Six Worlds coexisted in harmony with each other. They were bound together by a mysterious energy, the Essence, which took a different form on each planet.

However, the balance was disturbed by the arrival of Distortion, a mysterious creature the size of a globe, under whose influence the beings living in the Six Worlds began to change…The game is maintained in a comic book style, which with the addition of a huge portion of humor, creates a world in which you will be a superhero in a cosmic epic!


In 7 Horizons, you will visit many planets, each one providing a new experience with its unique mechanics and design. You'll have a lot of work to do as you clear the universe of evil, and on each planet, you'll find lots of secrets and enemies to defeat. Speaking of which…


They jump, run, sometimes fly and almost always shoot without asking - they certainly won't let you get bored. The icing on the cake are the huge bosses! These monsters will surely get under your skin!


With all this action, take a moment to stand back and rest your eyes on the beautiful landscapes of colorful planets!

The hand-drawn graphics are something that sets 7 Horizons apart. Each of the biomes, from the gelatinous planet to the land of clouds, has been carefully designed to fully reflect the character of the planet.

Will you accept the challenge?

Key Features:

  • Rayman meets Mega Man
  • Many playable, interesting characters
  • Varied and rich levels
  • On every one a little PEW PEW!
  • but also platforming challenges.
  • Hand-drawn comic book graphics...
  • ...and comic book humor.
  • Powerful enemies,
  • even more powerful bosses!
  • And the goodies. Lots and lots of goodies.

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Hello guys!

We’re RedDeerGames, an indie game developer and publisher from Poland! We’re super proud to show you 7 Horizons - a 2D action-platformer set in space! The game will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X later this year!

Check out the trailer on YouTube:

We’re in the middle of developing, so feel free to share your feedback! We would love to build this game with YOU!

In the meantime, say hello to Yum-Yum, the adorable creature that you will meet in the game! This cute boy's name was chosen by our Twitter community - be sure to follow us there too!

In the future, we will be sharing with you interesting behind the scenes footage, so keep an eye on 7 Horizons and remember to add it to Wishlist! Feel free to join our Discord community, where you can talk with the dev team and other community members about the game or gaming in general!

RDG Team

7 Horizons Dev Diary #1: Ice Hero

7 Horizons Dev Diary #1: Ice Hero


With the extremely high temperatures around the world, it's time to cool down a bit! Let's kick off the week with Ice!

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