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Initially a fork of 0AD, the realtime strategy game targetting city phases and fun play, it combines RPG and co-op features with RTS. It simulates world history starting at 200 000 B.C.E. and features realism like flow of time, lively atmosphere, civilization merging and foundation, day night cycles, seasons and an elaborated tech, commander system as well as a hybrid AI for RTS-RPG style game play (coop, p2AI, AI2AI, p2p). Travelling time may give rise to questions about the circles the world seems to be caught in, e.g. conflicts, misunderstandings and group, personal interests to the disadvantage of the beauty of the world and nature.

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RSS Romans vs. Gauls (Gallic wars, Part 1) T2 800x600
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(New: Enemy Attack feedback. Finally really a higher resolution of 800x600 and better overall quality. Okay, that's a bummer, now after uploading on Youtube this higher quality seems gone. It must have processed the bitrate.
At least it's showing an epic river scene created by Niek and Shieldwolf)

Preview match of the Gallic Wars Campaign Part #1 scripted by Radagast, the coder 0AD didn't want, now coding his own project '0BC Time Machine'.

Map visuals by the talented designers Niektb and Shieldwolf (Council of Modders).

An earlier less fancy and rigid version compatible to 0AD can be found on github:
Github.com (you may encounter errors and a flood of messages)

This is a primer on Campaign Creation in both 0AD and 0BC.

Initial triggers code by Spahbod and Sanderd17, great coders of 0AD.

Shieldbearers stacked entity concept by Radagast. 0AD stacked entity code by Sander.

Hero composition and rough story outline by Shieldwolf, Niektb, Radagast & Council of Modders.

The fat Gaul Obeli is a mesh Modification by Stanislas.
Initial entity and terrain models and artworks by the extraordinary Artists that contributed to 0AD over the course of time.

Water by wraitii - shown in low-quality settings due to machine performance limitations (as seen by the low recording frame rate).

(Trigger Void AI based on initial drive by Ykkrosh, by Stanislas, minor fixes by Radagast.)

Environmental authentity tediously hand-crafted by Niektb and Shieldwolf.

Scenario fine-grained storyline created and coded in a new storyline machine component in 0 B.C. Time Machine by Radagast.

More, hopefully higher frame rate recordings (pushing this 2 core machine to its limits) and previews on other scenarios and campaigns will follow.

(Note had to playtest without right mouse button, it's been a bit of a hack - if you ever tried then you know.)