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May 21 2015 Anchor

Does someone have recommendations for the best free composing software for games? One which can make like real or pseudo-real noises? Like a violin, guitar, etc?

May 25 2015 Anchor

Nothing really worthwhile for free. But Reaper is a very cheap DAW and there are a lot of low-cost/free VSTs you can use with it.

May 26 2015 Anchor

Check this post for free VSTs: Filmandgamecomposers.com

SilvermanSoundStudio Shane Ivers
Jun 14 2015 Anchor

Keep your eyes open for Cubase LE. That's often bundled with pieces of equipment like keyboards/effects pedals/audio interfaces and the like. It's what Hanz Zimmer uses! ^^ Well, almost... Then you can use all those free VSTs you just got. =)


Shane Ivers

Composer of Music for Games, Online Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Purveyor of Sonic Wares Silvermansound.com

Jul 7 2015 Anchor

I used to make music that sounded like Hans Zimmer on FL Studio, no lie.

Try it out and like every other digital audio workstation, you can download VST PLUG-INS. Learn how to torrent if you're broke like me. Worry about the legalities later.

Jul 20 2018 Anchor

Depends what sort of music you want to have. It is good to know what sort of results you want to have before knowing what program to choose.

If you are interested, I have pretty detailed review for a free notation software over here: Eluukkanen.com

Aug 26 2018 Anchor

I really like Digital Performer (9), you can get it used pretty cheap sometimes.


EduardoLopezComposer Eduardo López | Composer & Sound Designer
Dec 3 2018 Anchor

Free? Reaper for sure! and you can also use the free Kontakt Version and find Free VST for it on the web for starters.

If you are planning in investing a little more, I would go with Cubase, Logic or Protools. Those are the standard in the film and game industry. If you record live music, usally they deliver the stems of the recording in a Protools project, so you If you don´t have it... whoops! :P

Hope that helps! :)


Eduardo López | Composer & Sound Designer


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