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INtense! End Boss
Jul 10 2018 Anchor

You may have seen the news that we launched a modding API for game developers called mod.io. We created it because we love mods, believe they are the best part of video games and wanted to do more, but at the same time we did not want to change what ModDB.com is.

This meant creating something new, and mod.io is that creation. At it's core it is a mod API / SDK that game developers can integrate into their game and mod making tools to enable the easy sharing of mods in a platform agnostic manner. Key functionality includes:

  • We provide the hosting and manage bandwidth (let us solve the scaling for you)
  • In-built moderation tools, you choose how you'd like content to be approved
  • Heavily customisable platform to fit your needs (see 0 A.D., ECO and Sinespace)
  • Works behind the scenes (doesn't require a client or the user to install anything other than your game)
  • Platform agnostic, it can go wherever your users are, no matter what store or platform they are playing on
  • Strong focus on searching, filtering and discoverability tools

If you are creating a game and thinking about mod support (or have a game with mod support already), I highly encourage you to reach out. We are running significant marketing campaigns to help our partner games succeed, and can help you do the work needed to get mod.io integrated. It be great to help more games support mods and grow this community. AMA.

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Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

16hours ago Anchor

Thanks for sharing such a good post. Three games already supported the new API: ECO, Sinespace and 0 A.D.. ... launch of mod.io, the first open cross-platform mod API that puts developers ... Our aim with ModDB.com has always been to support creators, and ...

To know more updates, about this site: Mcdvoice.mobi

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