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Why Should I Play Dreamball? Find out why in this mini review!

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The original release of Dreamball (back in November of 2008) was plagued with problems but the idea and the concept were really solid. The most recent release was tasked with fixing the camera and movement problems so the gameplay would have a chance to shine above all else, and the developers did just that. From a design perspective, creating a world where controlling a marble to be both fun and engaging would have been tough but by focusing the development onto creating a liner path that is challenging enough to test the reflexes and logic of most gamers they have done well.

Gameplay is as simple as getting from point A to point B, while figuring out the puzzles on the way to progress further. For the most part these puzzles are very easy to complete, you play as a marble the difficulty really comes from the movement. As you navigate the level gravity and motion will take over at certain parts giving you a short time to react in order to traverse it correctly, for this reason the flow of difficulty is really out of whack, some platforming areas will leave you frustrated while other entire maps are way to easy. With that said, the game looks great. Objects reflect just how you think it would, vistas are beautiful and give you a feeling of being really small, but than again you are a marble.

Overall Dreamball is a really solid game, now that issues with the movement and camera positioning have been fixed I hope we can see some more content packs released by both the original developers and the community as well.

Type: Single Player
Run Time: + 1 Hours
File Size: 144.09 MB
Difficulty: Easy - Medium

BlueWolf72 - - 812 comments

This is a fun well thought out project. To call it a mod should be the award. Danny and Alex please keep having fun!

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Necrod - - 1,302 comments

oh yeah awesome

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Jesternz08 - - 410 comments

I could have sworn i played a stand alone version of this a while back, that one of my mates showed me, has this always been a mod / is it based on a game?

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LongBottom - - 233 comments

Inspired from Switchball. That's probably what you saw before. :)

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GrampaD - - 1 comments

or Ballance. It looks like a (free) clone of Ballance. :)

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holloweddarkness - - 67 comments

i just wish there were more levels. i already beat all of them.

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

I like this WSIP feature! More accessible than the podcasts, more frequent than a review and nice and short. Makes you remember to try mods you might simply have forgotten about.

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Killer_man_1996 - - 511 comments

I has thinking to write that....

Yeah WSIP is awesome to me it's better than the podcasts because i don't understand all the English lenguage because i speak Spanish and i'm just learning English...

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dark12222000 - - 2 comments

After giving it a go, I have to say I like this. Gameplay is really solid. More levels are needed of course, but the game itself is very good!

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