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Wiwiweb's UI, based on Stanz's UI, for those who are bored of the old one, or just want a bit more useful UI. ;-)

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This article doesn't represent any of S2 Team's opinions or recommendations (apart from a stickey in the official forums ;-)).

New main menu screen

Download: Box.net
Installation guide: extract to your Documents folder, to a folder named "Savage 2 - Tortured Soul" or to your main S2 directory, to the "game" folder. ;-) Should work both ways.
Original S2 forums' thread: Forums.savage2.com

New menu when choosing a class Adding attribute values without that nasty pop-up! New neater in-battle UI

This new UI improves a lot of things, mainly helps you to not press 'alt' button all the time or zigzag sideways to see how much hps/mana/stamina left. :-)

It's made by Wiwiweb, basing on Stanz's UI!

Wiwiweb's guide through the new UI:

Changelog v1.1
Changelog v1.1b
Changelog v1.2
Changelog v1.2b
Changelog v1.3
Changelog v1.4
Changelog v1.4b

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