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HvY is based on how you combine your pieces to get what you need. Power versus speed, area effect versus range attack.

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Hey there!

I'm trying to explain what can you expect when you play HvY. Game objective is pretty simple: kill your opponent. This is a board game made by hexs. The board is pretty simple and contains 3 kinds of hexs:

- White hex: a place where you can go with your pieces.

- Red hex: a place forbidden to move (entering or leaving it!). There're 3 red hexs that change every 3 turns to random places.

- Blue hex: if at the start of your turn you have a piece over one of them, you'll get one reinforcement. If you control two of them you'll get two reinforcements,... This hexs change on the same way that red ones do!

Ok so, what's new? At the first turn you'll have 8 pieces: all rank one pieces. This means your pieces got 1 point of life, 1 point of attack strength and can move along 3 hexs. If you move one of your rank one pieces to a square where you've another rank one piece, you'll get a rank 2 piece. Now you got a much powerful piece: 2 point of life, 1 point of attack strength, 1 point of defense (that can be recovered every turn) BUT is only capable of moving 2 hexs per turn.

You can access 4 different types of pieces with different skills (defense, defense to surrounding hexs, ranged attack,...) the strategy is all about combining movement capabilities with the right skills!

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