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Voidwalker is a first person exploration game about solving puzzles with magic. The spell system was designed to give the players absolute control over their own magic, and the puzzles are being designed with multiple solutions in mind, so that each player may carve his or her own path.

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The Game

Set in the Dimension where Magic begins, Voidwalker is a First-Person puzzle/exploration game driven primarily by it's groundbreaking and imaginative new system of spell crafting. Fantasy games and novels have always painted magic as a highly scientific or academic creation that players or characters must study and practice for years to master, but none of them give you a system with which to practice, study, and experiment. Voidwalker takes this concept and gives the player elements and modifiers to combine and make your own spells so that you learn the magic along with your character. Compare it to mixing ingredients and cook times to come out with different meal recipes! Or different colors and textures to find different painting methods. The possibilities with Voidwalker's spellcrafting system go far beyond a simple holster of spells to quickcast.With the spellcrafting driving the game, the player will progress through different element themed levels (each one learning a new spell element and new modifiers). Each level has a myriad of puzzles to solve using spells made from previously learned elements, getting more and more complicated as it goes on. Ultimately, Mastery of all Eight Elements will be necessary for solving the final level.

The Plot

Besides the snazzy spellcrafting and innovative puzzle system, Voidwalker is a game about exploration and identity. You play Doctor Caius Agrippa -- one of the most talented Professors of magic that the world has ever seen, and the first person in over a thousand years to traverse the Magical dimension itself! But the journey has taken it's toll on him and the Professor has become student to a magical artifact with a less than amiable disposition. Your companion phylactery will certainly guide you through the eight elemental islands, but he might not be entirely nice about it...

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