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How do you feel about the use of drugs and stimulants in the game in general? What interesting drug mechanics have you come across?

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Hey! I am making a survival simulator and trying to find a balance between simulating real processes in the human body and their convenient game mechanics. I would like to know your opinion on such a mechanic:

In the game you will find several types of drugs. They increase the dynamics of all the main parameters of the character (i.e., having taken the drug, the player's stress level begins to decrease, the reserve of strength and the speed of all actions increase) for a short time. Some remedies allow you to ignore wounds and diseases.

The downside of drugs is drug withdrawal. It occurs with some degree of probability after the end of the drug. The likelihood of withdrawal depends on the severity of the drug and the frequency of its use (the less often you use it, the less chance of withdrawal). Withdrawal symptoms have a negative impact on the basic parameters and may be accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting. You can get rid of symptoms over time (the time depends on the severity of the effect and takes from 3 to 10 days) or take a new dose of stimulants.

The main source of synthetic stimulants is abandoned military bases and bunkers. They can often be found at merchants in settlements. Stimulants can be produced independently from herbal ingredients, but you need to have the appropriate knowledge.

If the game interests you, here is the link Bit.ly
I would be grateful for your feedback.

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