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Post feature RSS Twisted Science - 100 ways to kill your enemy ( #21: Electrocution )

Insert belonging to the 100 ways to kill your enemies.

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Steps to perform an electrocution:

  1. Obtain the city-breaker box key* can be found in the random crates scattered throughout the city.
  2. Train the 'Use City-Breaker Box' skill from the upgrade system [U].
  3. Blow up some water mains so you have a good water current flowing through the city.
  4. Knock down some Utility poles that are connected to power lines.
  5. Return to the City Breaker box and turn on the power.
  6. Watch your enemies dissolve into ashy dust!

Electrocution goes both ways ! Stepping on a live power line or a water puddle that's interacting with
a live power line will cause damage to you just as it does your enemies.

To rectify this, you can purchase rubber boots from the city trader or the surplus store ( prior to map selection )
Using the rubber boots will prevent you from being electrocuted.

More about this game at homepage - www.alienhead.dev


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