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For everyone who would like the taste playing the game, how it looks like, how does it feel to play it and what features you can find in our game, we have prepared a little treat for you.

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Gas Station Simulator is being released this year, later this summer and for everyone who cannot wait to play it, we have a little treat for you!

You can try the Demo, that is under the official game' page, the demo puts you further in the game and includes more features, however it is an older version of the game.

For everyone who would like to see the latest version of the game, we highly encourage you to visit our Steam Prologue page, where you can experience the Early Days as the owner of Gas Station. The Prologue puts you at the very beginning of your Gas Station ownership and includes a great idea of how the game will work and what can you experience when it will be fully released.

Click here to check it out!

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