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Gas Station Simulator is open!

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Gas Station Simulator is all about renovating, expanding and running a gas station along a highway in the middle of a desert. Freedom of choice and multiple approaches to run your business and deal with pressure are key ingredients in this game.

Buy an abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere and restore it to its former glory. Get rid of the broken furniture, fix up the walls, paint and decorate. Just don’t spend all your cash on the looks right away, you bought a gas station after all. Repair the equipment, buy those that can’t be repaired and start serving your customers to earn money for further renovations and improvements.

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The more you widen your gas station’s appeal, the more customer demands will vary. The truckers want a healthy meal and a shower while the Tesla driver wants a Latte while he waits for his car to charge up. Expand the range of services you offer by adding stations, buildings and appropriate equipment. Why not expand and build a shop area, build a car wash station or even a small motel? How about some slot machines to ramp up the profits?

Restoring your gas station is one thing, giving it a personal touch another. The game offers a wide array of options to customize what you have already built, ranging from your own color schemes, the name of your gas station to decorations inside and outside.

Don’t forget to advertise! Letting people know about your existence and services you expand will drive even more customers to you. It might not come cheap, but pays for itself in the long run.

Serving your customers is key in running your gas station with success. They all expect to have their cars filled up and their food served right away. You are going to be dealing with some serious time pressure at peak hours and have to schedule various tasks for when it’s less hectic. Proper time management and closing the right priorities becomes very important when it comes to keeping your customers happy.

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You can try, but the more you expand the less likely that you will be able to manage it all on your own. Hire the right people to help you run your business, but keep a close eye on them. Some employees might just not do their job right, slack, lack the right attitude to serve customers or even steal.

GSS Stock

You can’t sell what you don’t have. Keeping track of your stock is important and ordering at the right time for the right price helps to keep profits up. You can also opt to increase your profits further by procuring from less reputable sources. Remember the gas truck that went missing last week the newspaper wrote about? Well, a shady character is just offering you a full gas delivery at half the price…

Or maybe you want to take some shadier goods into your offer, the profit margins certainly are enticing.

Key Features

  • Wide range of choices and approaches in every aspect of the game.
  • Expansive feature set for renovation.
  • in-depth features to expand and run your business.
  • High level of customization in all areas.
  • Detailed financial aspects of the entire operation.
  • More than 100 expansion and upgrade options.
  • More than 20 customer types and 50+ customers.

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Gas Station Simulator is being released this year, later this summer and for everyone who cannot wait to play it, we have a little treat for you!

You can try the Demo, that is under the official game' page, the demo puts you further in the game and includes more features, however it is an older version of the game.

For everyone who would like to see the latest version of the game, we highly encourage you to visit our Steam Prologue page, where you can experience the Early Days as the owner of Gas Station. The Prologue puts you at the very beginning of your Gas Station ownership and includes a great idea of how the game will work and what can you experience when it will be fully released.

Click here to check it out!

Gas Station Simulator - Events!

Gas Station Simulator - Events!


Some insights into events that can occur in Gas Station Simulator.

Gas Station Simulator - Indie Cup Nomination

Gas Station Simulator - Indie Cup Nomination

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Gas Station Simulator has been nominated for the Streamers’ Choice award on Indie Cup 2021!

Gas Station Simulator - Supply & Management!

Gas Station Simulator - Supply & Management!


Some insights into supplies, managing and upgrading your gas station.

Gas Station Simulator - Employee Management!

Gas Station Simulator - Employee Management!


An in-depth look into the employees and their management to ease up your workload when running a gas station.


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Great idea for a simulator!

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