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Would you become a serial killer to save your family? Avoid being caught keeping an eye on the Suspicion Bar. Every action, every decision will matter. If the bar reaches the game is over!

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In the last entry, we explain what is Truman: The Face Eraser all about. You’ll play as Truman, a beloved father and husband who has to kill evil creatures that threats the world and most important, his family. This evil creatures disguise themselves as normal people so nobody can tell if a person is an evil creature or not. Only Truman has the power to see the true nature on people's souls.

Truman is a regular guy, he hasn’t any special skill, strength or super power. Because of his limitations he has to kill every creature one by one, like a serial killer. The police, the society, even your own family will try to stop your mission if they find out that you are the “serial killer” of Falldale (Truman’s city).

crime scene

That’s why, you have to be very clever in order to avoid to get caught. Truman: The Face Eraser have this feature that we call The Suspicion Bar, or the “Game Over Feature”.

What you do or say in the game will matter. If someone get suspicious about you, the Suspicion Bar will go up, but, if you fix your mistakes, the Suspicion Bar will go down. If the bar reaches the top, the game is over! You’re going to get arrested!

talking to dana

In order to avoid get caught, you have to be very careful every time you kill an evil creature. You can’t leave clues on crime scenes or in your target’s body. That’s why, since the very beginning of the game, you must get all the Truman’s outfit that will avoid leave clues on crime scenes or bodies like hair, fingerprints, etc.

Sometimes you have to plan how to kill your target, and for that you have to get ropes, bags and stuff like that to hide your target’s body. Since Truman: The Face Eraser is an open world game, you can hide the body wherever you want, but you have to choose wisely, because if the police find the body, surely they’ll find clues that will lead them to you.


Some other times you will don’t have the time to plan your strike, so you have to be quick to don’t be seen and clean every clue leave behind before to runaway.


You have to think like a serial killer to accomplish your mission. You have to live two lives in order to make people think that Truman is a normal person.

Expect our Indiegogo campaign very soon! Meanwhile you can also follow our development on Twitter, Facebook and in our Blog.


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Interesting concept... add a DLC in the future where I get to cover up a crime of a dead feminist lol. It'll create so much buzz (free advertising) and possible revenue from supporters who like your concept?

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