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so heres my little splurge on the ideas for the heads up display system

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we plan to use somenew ideas that we have notseen in games before
such as

-no kill/death messages, looks like your gonna have to go down there and check that you made your kill, or just pump lead into everything anyway

a simple HUD, the hud is hopeing to be symplistic and realistic as possible with the idea that there is no ammo, health, spring bars or counters, however when hurt your screen will fade to a clear red ovetrtone, to show near death.

however certain troops will have bionics and will have a hud like object

guardsman-No HUD
specialist veteran- No Hud
tankhunter- targetter over 1 eye and in it info about his heavy weapon)ammo, health and location
ratling- No hud
ogryn- No hud
stormtrooper- you see from inside the helmet, everything tinged red, ammo counter

and for orks

boy- no hud
kommando- no hud
stormboy- no hud
tankbusta-no hud
burna- burna mask, you actually will see through the goggles, with a indicator of how much fuel you ave left
loota- targetter, that allows zoom over 1 eye, has overheat counters and lots of dials and buttons

onto weapons

the ork weapons are all spray and pray designed, the only one with iron sights is the shoota, these weapons do more damage but have less accuracy and are more prone to jam

the guard weapons are very accurate and all have ironsights, thes do less danage with more accuracy

ThatTrunkMonkey - - 202 comments

Sweet. I can't wait for this.

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Omecron - - 19 comments

Sounds great - keep working on it!

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