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lets take a look at the bigest mostest badass vehicle the orks can drive at you

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the ork battlewgaon is a pinnacle of ork engineering. so here it is, it boasts a huge arsenal of weapons, antitank and even anti infantry.

firstly, it has a nice cargo hold to carry some lovely orks into the WAGGGGGGGGGGGGGH
- a WAGGGGGGGGGGGH tower to yell at people
-some rockits to throw at people
-a deffroller to run people over with a nice crunching sound.
2 BIG shootas to lay down the law on those umies
1 kannon to shoot tanks with
and who cna forget a KILLKANNON to shot anything with, or if that doesent suit you you could always hang out back and shoot people with your shoota.

remember always scream WAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH and yell DAKADAKADAKA while riding for maximum efficiency




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Will this drivable in-game?

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