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Post feature RSS Text and narrative - Subject 4 Code Name: SBJ-07104

Description: SBJ-07104 is a metal sarcophagus that consists of an unknown alloy (steel, nickel, vanadium and [DATA REMOVED]). 191cm high and 145cm wide in shoulders.

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Subject 4

Code Name: SBJ-07104

Alias: Marduk

Description: SBJ-07104 is a metal sarcophagus that consists of an unknown alloy (steel, nickel, vanadium and [DATA REMOVED]). 191cm high and 145cm wide in shoulders.

The sarcophagus has an unknown design that does not belong to any known culture or civilization. The age of SBJ-07104 is minimum several thousand years according to the exploration of a chamber where the subject was discovered. The material of the sarcophagus is resistant to corrosion, so it didn't change the appearance during the time of entombment. Tests provide controversial results.

SBJ-07104 is drop-shaped. The inverted drop has sleek forms that almost entirely hide upper and lower limbs, thus we can hardly see its body shape. At the same time, there is a clearly defined head that looks like an aggressively snarling mask.

Inspections showed that the sarcophagus is hermetically closed. Moreover, its structure consists of a few dozen of individual elements held together by an unknown force and forming a complex pattern on the surface. Unlike traditional sarcophagus that consist of two monolithic halves. No locks or mechanisms to open the sarcophagus were found.

During the first contact, the sarcophagus was found in a horizontal position, attached to a stone pedestal with several chains and half-decomposed ropes. Perhaps, someone was buried alive in the sarcophagus, but nothing more confirms this theory.

SBJ-07104 has a core as well. It is situated in his chest and can be easily detected. No information is available about the content of the sarcophagus. Considering the weight of the sarcophagus, its density, and approximate similar parameters of the core, it can be declared that the sarcophagus is empty.

Since the subject showed no activity, 28.06.2██, it was decided to open the sarcophagus and extract the core. The incident was marked as KAT-3217.

KAT-3217 Protocol:

[14:43] A heavily guarded team of scientists enters the room with SBJ-07104.

[15:08] A team of technicians reports that the mounting of the diamond cutter is finished.

[15:10] The command to open the sarcophagus is received.

[15:11] 43 seconds after the procedure begins, the attempt to open the sarcophagus is interrupted. Recorded videos show that the sarcophagus rapidly becomes active: it changes a horizontal position to vertical levitating in about 50 cm above the floor. Its eyes and lines between segments are glowing. According to the security protocol, the room with SBJ-07104 is blocked.

[15:13] The sarcophagus slowly moves towards the science team. Muted phrases sounds from within. The speech was identified as an unknown dialect of Sumerian, and the phrase - as the order to slaves to obey the master.

[15:15] SBJ-07104 moves towards the research personnel and guard. The distance between them is 3 meters. The guard opens the fire. After 8 seconds, a video signal from cameras disappears.

All staff workers who were in the room died in the incident. All cameras and sensors were damaged. The last shots illustrate that the sarcophagus was opened revealing bright light. Traces of intense radiation exposure and burns were found on the staff bodies.

After the KAT-3217 incident, the subject was dubbed Marduk like the powerful and bloodthirsty Sumerian god. Any study or interaction with the subject are prohibited until special instructions are given.

Capture Circumstances: SBJ-07104 was found in the desert in ██ kilometers on the north-west direction from the city of Shiraz, Iran. The subject was removed from the stone chamber located at a depth of 8 meters below the level of surface. After extraction and initial inspection, it was immediately taken to the detention area. Initially, the subject showed no signs of life so was mistaken as an inanimate object.

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