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What has Sewer Rat to offer? Content summary: all objects, rat upgrades and difficulty levels.

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Sewer rat contains 8 different objects to use in game:

  • Candy: gives you a good speed boost when consumed.
  • Spray: spray yourself with this and no croc will be willing to come near you.
  • Gum: throw this at your enemy to slow him down.
  • Glue: use this tube to slow down any enemy entering the area.
  • Oil can: place some oil in the ground and watch other rats run crazy around!
  • Spring: use it wisely to jump over the water or enemies in critical moments.
  • Firecracker: throw it to other rats to blow them up!
  • Fireworks: use this ultimate weapon to blow up all enemies around you!

Try any of the 4 extra rats available to get some new advantages:

  • Beasty: no rat is as fast as this fella.
  • Pushy: push your enemies before they can even smell you.
  • Spiky: no croc likes sticky fur...crocs will bother you no more!
  • Sniffy: with such a keen nose, the cheese will not be hidden for long.

Give harder levels a try if you dare! Do you think you are able to beat the game in max difficulty? Each new difficulty level brings you:

  • Smarter and clever rats.
  • More enemies per level competing for the cheese.
  • Faster and more precise crocs trying to get you.
  • Less smell hints per map.
  • And perhaps...evolved rats!

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