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Apollyon Asylum's setting and back-story revealed. If you enter, you will never escape what you thought could only be in your nightmares.

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The area centered around the asylum was a small country town in the middle of no where. If you left the small main road it was another 87 miles in all directions until you would see a sign for any type of rest stop. Like most small towns its main resources came from businesses ran by locals. The gas station was a hub to this small town. You could always expect to be greeted with a smile, small town hug and some of Aunt Mollie's fresh apple pie, inexpensive and comforting to anyone needing a gallon or two of gas. Everyone knew everyone else, even the miseries and awfulness that sometimes took place.

The people were really excited when a new orphanage was suggested for growth and expansion. Everyone was looking forward to sharing some of their small town love, with those who needed it. They decided to name the orphanage Susan Apollyon's House of Hope named after the owner's wife, Susan Apollyon. Unfortunate children from all over the county came to seek refuge. At first, things were great, the Business was bustling and growing. As the township grew so did the orphanage, its patrons filled every bed and couch. However, strangely enough, the orphanage grew too fast for such a small town. No one expected an orphanage to need so many resources, and attention. With so many kids and not enough grownups to chaperon, children started to act out and misbehave. The trouble caused some of the town's folk to move away, and with them support for the orphanage.

By this time people had stopped calling it the "House of Hope" and just called it The Apollyon House. To make up for lost funding, the orphanage started to take on more difficult cases, children with mental and physical disorders. The increased difficulties with children at the orphanage caused even more dismay amongst the town folk. As times continued to get harder, most of the town's people had left, and the orphanage... well, they decided to open their doors to adults with disorders in order to keep revenue coming in. With this decision, its name was changed to The Apollyon Asylum. With no one to oversee the asylum's doctors, dreadful things began to happen behind its closed doors, all anyone could ever hear were screams of pain, fear, and anger.

Over the years, people learned to keep to themselves and disregard what happened within the eerie walls of the asylum. Eventually, everyone except the doctors, the patients, and a couple townsfolk where left to live in such a desolate place. History alone knows what happened to those that remained within the asylum. Anyone who would know is no longer anywhere to be found. The only hints to what happened lie deep within the asylum's fortifications. Are you bold enough to enter the hallways of echoing screams and clawing shadows to dig up a buried past? Everyone may be dead inside, yet something remains, and an evil that still breaths, awaiting the next lost soul to enter its' nightmare.

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