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Introducing Phemus, from the Great Dark. He is a powerful overlord that uses telekinesis to control four planet smashing arms.

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This week we wanted to share some new information on another Overlord. Phemus, a powerful and destructive overlord that will make any enemy tremble in fear!

Say Hello To Phemus

The Great Dark, the biggest and most powerful nebula in the galaxy is home to Phemus. While guarding the winds of intipati - a part of the universal essence - he also rules across all known galaxies with an iron fist.

The Start Of Destruction

His harsh temper is only equal to his sense of righteousness.

Charging Up For A Special Attack

Phemus can use his Psionic energy to move around freely, but his massive size prevents him from doing so quickly.

A Deadly Signature Move

To compensate for this he uses four telekinetically controlled arms to smash everything in his path.

The Atomic Gravity Smasher In Action

His signature move is the 'Atomic Gravity Smasher'.

Check out Phemus in action in the trailer below:

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