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Check out the modding solution for this hardcore SWAT simulator!

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Ready Or Not, a hardcore SWAT simulator aiming for total realism, will soon feature modding support powered by mod.io. Read on to learn more about Ready Or Not and how mod.io will support a new set of community creators!

Ready or Not is the debut game of developer & publisher, VOID Interactive. It's an intense, tactical FPS that, like the SWAT games of yore, puts players into the shoes of heavily trained police aiming to defuse hostage situations, terrorist attacks, and catch violent criminals in realistic (occasionally disturbingly so) venues and situations.

Image 14
Ready or Not is set in modern times and aims to replicate real-life situations in its gameplay

Players can shack up with AI companions or, more effectively, with other people online and tackle a variety of challenging scenarios. The emphasis in RoN is on realism with a capital R - many of the strategies and scenarios created are sourced from interviews with real-world police forces. and ups the ante in gameplay as well with realistic ballistic simulation. The tactics players can employ to counter terrorists are essential to surviving the unforgiving sandbox and there's no hand-holding to be found here.

Image 13
Realism-first gameplay rewards players taking things slow and keeping in mind all the angles.

With such a wide variety of scenarios and a gameplay sandbox that does a lot of the heavy lifting, there's already plenty of content to consume. Every new map added to the game adds hours of additional engagement, ways to handle a situation, and outcomes to explore. That's why modding support for this title would be a very powerful thing indeed - and soon, it will be more accessible than ever, thanks to integration with mod.io.

Image 11
Players can control reasonably effective AI companions, or dive in with other players in online co-op

Whilst testing and implementation is currently focused on map mods - changing environments, the options for engagement, and the scenarios players can face - though users can still download other mods manually and install them into the game for things like weapon cosmetics and attachments. These will, in the future, also be integrated into mod.io, opening things up for players in the long run to customize their game quickly, easily, and to their hearts' content.

Image 15

The stunning (and remarkably gritty) realism of environments adds tension to every encounter

Sitting at Very Positive on Steam, Ready or Not is a game not for the faint of heart, with that emphasis on realism sometimes leading to scenarios that might leave a mark on some individuals. If you do feel prepared to engage with the heavy subject matter and deeply tactical gameplay, you can pick up Ready or Not for £30.99 GBP/$39.99 USD on Steam and be ready to take advantage of all the content mod.io will have to offer.

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It seems good but Steam sucks.

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