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Intro to the Turret Carrier and defenses deployed directly by rail car. Plus, how the enemy units were designed with level of difficulty in mind.

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Railside Outpost & Deployable Turret Carrier

Though the player will have defensible territory near buildings where turrets can be built, there is also a need and strategy for spot defenses at other locations on the map. A special carrier unit can be built at the Railcar Foundary which comes with either a single turret, or a mobile base which hosts a set of special defense turrets. All of these have different stats than the main line defenses.

Outpost System to rapidly place turrets anyplace along the tracks.

Outpost rapid deploy turret system

Outpost and Railside turret Introduction Video

Rail side rapid drop turrets

Drop Turrets

Difficulty Level will adjust the number and type of NPC enemies

There are three difficulty level settings for the player campaign. In order to create a range of challenges two tiers of NPC combat units can be sent to attack your defenses. Each unit has some health value, weapon damage, range, and rate of fire which makes it more or less challenging to defeat. There are also some specific behaviors for these NPC's strategy and targeting. At the easiest level some of the Elite units may never be sent against you at all.


RAT Scout Car

Coyote tactical car

Badger APC 40mm

Boar 105 Howitzer


Pinscher AA

Hyena Tank Hunter

Elite Guard

Tarantula QUAD A-A

Steel Republic Rail Defender
: The good news is you will fight a war using trains. The bad news is you have to fight a war using ONLY trains

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