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Post feature RSS QUESTION: Hunger mechanic for minions in a small resource gathering game?

Looking for feedback on a central mechanic of my upcoming minion-management and resource gathering game!

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Hey Folks,

In GATHER you manage typically 3-8 minions to gather various resources in an open outdoorsy map. You do not control them directly and they just gravitate around you, but over time you learn various words to issue basic commands like pick up or throw a rock. There are also some wild animals that may attack your minions that you can get your children to throw rocks at.

The minions will also get hungry so you need to get them to some food so they can replenish. I'm brainstorming some good repercussions and what I have so far:
* If a minion is satiated, it can take 2 hits from an enemy before dying, if it's hungry it dies in just one hit
* If a minion is hungry, he moves slightly slower

Any other ideas how to make it more interesting? Perhaps its better for the minions to take more hits and the hunger is effectively an HP meter? Or maybe the minions should never die just have a "good" and "wounded" state after being attacked (which slows them down) so you need to feed them to return to full speed?

Any other cool ideas?

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