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Puzzle guide for the Custom Story. It's also placed in the game's files. Describes how to finish every puzzle and find all bonus, hidden notes (not the main ones, however)

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If you are stuck you might want to read the last note you picked up (or two of them). Usually there are some tips there.













This guide is for puzzles and hidden notes, everything else you have to find yourself :)

If after interacting with a door it says
"It's locked, but the lock looks very simple..."
or "The lock looks quite lousy" you can open the door with
the lockpick.

First level:

Pick up both notes and a lockpick next to one of them.
After you do that, a key to the room will spawn on the gramophone.

Open one of the doors to the left with a lockpick.
When you read the note inside, a key will appear under a book in the chest next to the window. This key will open the other door next to the previous one. In the room there'll be another small room, and there is a shelf with the key to the level door.
The hidden note is in a wardrobe in another of the two small rooms.

Hub level (Outside):

Jump over the fence next to the shed and go to the cross.
The hidden note is under the stairs, in a chest.

When you're done exploring, go into the red door oposite the one you came from.

Level 3 (Abandoned mansion):

To access the closed room you need to go to the door to the left and throw
something at the broken wall.
Make sure to collect all the notes along the way.
The hidden note is in a chest in the corner in one of the smaller rooms.

To open the locked desk door, you need to put together a drill.
One of the parts is in the said desk, in a drawer.
Second is in a chest of drawers in the room opposite to the entrance.
Third is in a compartment in wall, hidden behind a pile of junk. To access it, you need to open a closed door with a lockpick.
Open the drawer, take the key and leave.

Hub level (Outside):
Go to the shed and open it with the acquired key.

Level 4 (Shed):
Take the shovel and leave.
The hidden note is under a pile of bricks on the small ledge.

Hub level (Outside):
Go to the cross and use the shovel on the dirt pile beneath it.
Go inside the hatch.

Level 5 (Dungeons):

Go to one of the rooms to the left and pick up the crowbar from the floor to the left.

Go to the end of hallway and open the locked door with a crowbar.
Go down the ladder, then left, and then left again. You should be in a
big room now. Pick up the note sticking out from mouth of the corpse to the left, then the empty jar and a small key from the torture table in the middle. Go back towards the ladder and open the padlock which is closer to the ladder. Go to the end of hallway and enter the cell to the right.
On top of the INSIDE doorframe there's a key. To get it you need to put something
in front of the doorframe and jump. When you're going back, catch the hidden note
- it's in one of the cells to the right, behind the brazen bull podium.
Open the second padlock with acquired key. When you're in the big hall to the left,
look back towards the small door you just entered and then up.
You need to climb there.

The advised method is to put one of the wooden beams
across the other beam to the room. Then stack up the wooden crates that are
in the corner on top of two wooden beams left on the floor.
Then climb the scaffold on the right side of the room, jump on the shrine,
jump on the crates, then on the beams, and then go across the woodbeam you set up.

Other methods might work as well, for example I noticed that placing the woodbeam isn't necessary.

When you get to the room, make sure to plant the ladder on the wooden beam to the right. It will pop into it's place and ease your next ascend.

Notice the puzzle in the room. You'll have to collect three pipes and place them in
the holes in the wall. One is in the room,
and another one is under the scaffolding in the big hall. Remember the place on upper floor where you
picked up the crowbar ? That's where the third pipe is.

When you get all the pipes, pull the lever and click the button to the left.

Go into the big door that has opened.

After the dialogue, pick up the Orb piece. After some more dialogue, pick up the book
next to it. Now, light all the torches around. If you don't have enough tinderboxes,
there are some to the side of the big door. If you somehow manage still not to have enough
tinderboxes, there's a special bug I left in. You only have to press the torch 6 times (or more), even if you don't have any (or if they run out), and then you can proceed
with the ritual. Go back to the room where you picked up the jar, and go a little
further. There's an another room in the end of a hallway, where you can fill the
jar with blood.

Go back to the place with huge door and use the jar of blood on the floor.
Now go to the altar and use the hand-cutting device. After the first ritual,
go in front of the door, in the middle of the sigil. Wait until the ritual ends,
turn back and go into the portal.

Level 6 (Underworld):

Go forward, the door will open in few seconds after the portal behind you closes.
On the end of the location there's a waterfall, the hidden note is on it's ledge.
Go back, there's a walkway to the side. Go to it's end and you'll notice it cuts off.

You have to jump - there's an invisible walkway beneath. Go straight.
Lighting your lantern might help you to notice your next targets;
You'll come up to a block of stone. When you step on it it will catapult you
in the air. Land on the next block. Make sure to have some momentum - run or walk onto the block - otherwise you will most likely fail to reach the next block. Do that a couple of times and enter the door.

Level 7 (Pitch Black Void):

The hidden note is not so hidden this time, it's in front of you on a collapsed
column. Go right and cross the bridge. You have to collect 5 keys, one of them
opens the door on the other side of the square. If you die three times the monster should disappear.

First key is in the hand of a corpse directly to the right of the bridge.
Second is on chain, which you'll see when you climb the collapsed column protruding
outside to the right from the platform.
Third key is on top of a small tombstone, also to the right.
Fourth key is on top of one of piles of books, next to a gate, to the left.
Fifth key is underneath a desk, also to the left.

Open the door, go straight. Do some jumping, climb the stairs, jump across
the barrels and enter the door.

Level 8 (the Core):

Go through the labirynth. When you meet first right angles, you'll know it's the
exit. There are also drawings on the wall nearby, and a note on the wall; collect it
(there is a riddle inside) and go right, this will be the exit.

Now go through the room filled with bricks to another one filled with bricks.
If you turn off your lantern, you'll see a key under a brick just next to one of
the walls.

Open the door opposite to the doorframe which was the labirynth's exit.
There is a knife hidden in the clocktower, and a mushroom on a podium.
Get them both.

Now, if you can't solve the riddle:

Place the mushroom next to the statue of an eagle, and the knife
in the hand of the angel statue.

The room blocked by bushes will open, as well as the portal.

Make sure to collect the hidden note, it's on the right side of one of the bookshelfs.

Go through the portal.


Back to the first level:

Collect the map, it will enable you to go to the woods.
Pull one of the books on the shelf to open the bar blocking
the door. Go out.

Hub level (Outside):

Go to the woods through the metal gate.

Level 9 (Woods):

Go left. When you come to a fork, go left. You'll see a gate.

When you interact with it, turn back and walk a little.
You'll see three paths:
The right one goes to the entrance to next level.
The middle one is the one you came from.
The left one goes to a chest with a hidden note.

Level 10 (City):

Go left to a square with a man's bust. There's a sewer hatch in the corner.
Open it with the crowbar. If you haven't picked it up previously,
there's another one. You have to find a red door, and it's inside on a shelf.

Enter the sewers. Go right to see a short cutscene. The left corridor is a dead end.
Go forward and pick up a rope from the table. Go left, then right and right again.
Continue down the corridor until you find a ladder. Climb it and you'll find yourself
on the other side of the fence.

The hidden note is beside one of the benches, but not any close to the sewer hatch.

If you inspect the door and/or look up at one of balconys, you'll know that you
have to climb it. Use the rope in the air next to the balcony without a railing, the
one above the sewer hatch. Climb the rope, break the glass with the crowbar and enter
the Academy.

Level 11 (Academy):

Go along the corridor. The only closed door to the left is the storage, which
you'll have to access. Inspect the room opposite to the storage.

Go down the stairs.Unless you want to do some exploring, don't go left (there's a hidden note on the end of the corridor) or right, but
go a little right and turn back to find another corridor. You should be
in the main hall, next to a staircase. Go down and take a key from a small cabinet,
it opens Kainam's study. In a wardrobe there's one of the three hidden notes. Go back up to the ground floor. Go through the walkway with two oriental armours(not medieval, there's nothing there). There are three doors here, all openable with the lockpick.

In the classroom to the left there's a key which opens the storage. In the classroom
to the right there's a jar you can pick up and a closed chemical storage, but you can't access it now. Go back to the main hall and go up the staircase.
The second door to the left hides a room where the key to the chemical storage is.
It's in one of drawers. You can go back to the chemical storage and fill the jar with
acid or do it later.

Now, on the upper floor, go to the last door to the left, it leads to the library.
Go into the middle through a small labirynth and pick up a piece of ladder.
Go back to the main desk and down the corridor next to it. There's a door to
Kainam's office, but you'd better leave it alone for now. Go further.
The door to the left is openable with a lockpick. In the room find another piece of
ladder and the last hidden note in a glass display.
Go out and straight ahead, until you find a door. Behind it there's a room with pipes.
You need to jump and get the last piece of the ladder. You can assemble it now.
If you fall down, you'll need to go left to find the hallway leading to the main hall,
go back up, straight through the closest door and right - you'll be in the pipe room

Now that you have the ladder, go back to Kainam's office in the library and open it
with the key. Get the key inside and get to the storage. Open it with a key,
plant the ladder on the hole in the ceiling and go up.
Throw away the pile of junk in the corner. Use the acid jar on the padlock.
Now brake it with the crowbar. If you don't have one, it will appear on a shelf nearby.
Open the hatch and get inside the crawling space. Find the room, pick up the orb, watch a cutscene, and
leave by clicking the hole in the ceiling. Leave through the nearest red door,
which is to the right. You can also go to the main hall to leave
throgh the main entrance.

Hub level (Outside):

Go to the mansion and open the ground level door with the key you found in Academy.
Press the button behind the left shelf to open the hidden passage behind the right one.

Level 12 (Laboratory):

Go left, to the end and get the key. Open the door, go right to find the last hidden
note. Go back and straight, open the door with the same key and pick up the Orb.

Level 13 (Abandoned laboratory):

Listen to the cutscene. Leave the room after it ends.
You can choose the ending by waiting for about a minute or by
solving a small puzzle. For the second one you have to find a knife
in the room with a gramophone and a furnace. Then use the knife and touch
the orb, which is lying on the chair where you found the key in the previous level.

If you have found most of hidden notes, you'll unlock a bonus ending. After the credits
you'll be teleported to

Bonus Level

Here you can replay the ending by entering the red door to the left, read some interesting stuff about the mod and have
fun with the lounge button. To end the game leave through the other red door.

Thanks for playing !

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