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One of the main features of the Polynomial 2 game - custom game engine. It is a rare thing these days because custom engine development was mostly killed by Unity and Unreal game engines. Endangered species, huh. I want to introduce you some artworks i did recently with the engine. HDR Screenshot -> Photoshop 16bit convert tool.

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All programming credits go to my brother, Dmytry Lavrov.
This is just a brief article about Polynomial 2 game engine. I will write more if you like this one.

Lets start with fractal flowers.
There are thousands of different flowers with different complexity and structure.

You could fly through, use it as a health+speed boost powerup or just watch their animation sequence. Check my giphy page for some loops.


There are Fractals.
Cant really say how many of them, but you can count them by yourself
and when you'll finish - we will release the editor's upgrade.


From the inside:


And we have a starfield too.
It's infinite and every star is a separate object with its color, mass and position in space.
You don't have to fly to them they are all around you and you can touch every single one.


And there are enemies. You can fight them and progress the game or you can find some calm levels. Screensaver mode upcoming (available in debug mode for now)

hubp drone1xdrone2

Fractals and Hub orange object are music visualizers, yup.
And you just turn your music on your favorite player or streaming service, pause my game OST and select "What you hear" capture in sound options. Then you go and trip the hell out of our game.
If you have VR headset - well, you gonna love it.
Polynomial 2 works on Vive, Rift, SteamVR and you can do some streaming on your Samsung GearVR/cupborad if you're geeky enough

You will probably never see custom graphics engine games anymore.
I'm citing my brother, after the month on Early Access: "I'm done with custom engines."
So this is probably the last masterpiece in indie graphics programming.
Well we still have demoscenes and shadertoy but these are not games.
Custom engine development does not worth a dime in indie marketing and that's sad truth.
The bright side of this dime: you have ~17 releases every day on steam.
If someone did read Brigador devs interview on Kotaku - you know what i'm talking about.


yep ,fed-up with Unity everything .

so many games are released and they run like potato and have awful camera angles
and they don't even bother to put proper config choices in the options menu

I miss the days of new exciting games along-side a game engine built to accommodate the game.

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