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This week we interview Chris (producer) and Mike (coder/founder) from Berimbau and Your Evil Twin joins us too.

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This week we are joined by two Berimbau dev’s & Your Evil Twin. Thomas gets the chance to talk to some former No More Room in Hell developers and we talk for a while about berimbau with its producer (Chris) and main coder/founder (Mike)

Extended Show Notes

  • 00:00:15 - Introductions
    • 00:00:45 - William, Thomas/Editor321 (Half-Lifecreations.org), Alex/YourEvilTwin (former planethalflife.com), Chris (producer) & Mike (coder, founder) from Berimbau
  • 00:03:00 - Podcast 17 News
    • First episode without Phillip as co-host.
    • Forums are active - get your post on!
  • 00:03:30 - Round up of Half-Life news
    • 00:03:45 - No more Room in Hell closed
      • Thomas was able to get an exclusive interview with former members of the team.
      • Why did No More Room in Hell fail?
      • Will the content be ported to Left 4 Dead?
    • 00:13:00 - SourceForts Released.
    • 00:16:15 - Sniper Division Trailer and Media.
    • 00:23:00 - Dead before Dawn Teaser Trailer.
    • 00:26:00 - Earth Special Forces Update.
    • 00:31:30 - RiverPool for TWHL create a Room Competition.
    • 00:34:00 - Rebellion for Half-Life 2.
    • 00:36:30 - Joutomaa Chapter 1 Half-Life 2 Episode 2.
    • 00:39:45 - VaultTec Source Trailer.
    • 00:42:30 - Stargate Trailer and Jailbreak 0.5 Trailer.
    • 00:45:30 - Zombie Master 1.2.1 Released - Last release for the team.
    • 00:46:00 - Fake Factory Cinematic Update 9.5.
    • 00:53:45 - Corridors Singleplayer Map.
    • 00:54:15 - Zombie Panic Source Mapping Competition.
  • 00:56:15 - Blast from the past: Half-Quake Amen.
  • 01:01:45 - Interview with Chris and Mike from Berimbau.
    • What is Berimbau?
    • How does one code such a complex melee system?
    • History of Berimbau.
    • Details about the combat system.
    • When does something become too complex?
    • Beta team details.
    • Configurable options in servers.
    • Chances for multiple characters.
    • Character personality.
    • Berimbau as a cinematic.
    • Details on game extras.
    • Details on maps and environments.
    • Multiduel details.
    • How are the Berimbau developers eliminating the element of chance?
    • The future of Berimbau.
    • When can we expect to see Berimbau?
  • 01:33:45 - Wrap-up

Interesting podcast regarding the whole NMRIH thing. You're hoping that they will port their work to L4D, let me point at the Dead before dawn campaign that you talked about before the NMRIH part. Dead before dawn is created by Darth_brush, former NMRIH Level Designer and his new l4d campaign consists of atleast 70% levels that he originally created for Nmrih. But since development has ceased, he decided to port it so all his years of work wouldn't go to waste. A wise decision if you ask me, he's already famous because of his stunning quality work custom campaign that many are eagerly waiting for.

He's doing it on his own though, they're not doing it as a NMRIH team (though he's using a lot of assets from nmrih and have got some developers from that mod supporting him).

The official word of NMRIH by Coleman (on their forums) is that the mod is at a standstill, waiting for the L4D SDK. If they find something interesting in that SDK they might port their mod over. But like I said, doesn't seem like they'll have to do that.

Again, great podcast, good work!

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William Author

Interesting thanks for the info OkeiDo!

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Im glad you guys are intrested in my Sniper Division mod. Expect a lot more material this upcoming month. Private beta is also scheduled for 4 weeks from now.

If you guys are intrested in any inside material, pm me.

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Wanted to note that the "Stargate:Source" mod on the "Related Mods" list is not the one mentioned in the podcast. It's called 'The Stargate Mod' for HL2: Moddb.com

Anyways nice podcast, enjoyed listening. :)

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Thanks for the SF shoutout.

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