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Post feature RSS Player fortifications! No battle will ever be the same!

Introducing the all new player placed objects (PPOs)! You can create your very own custom fortifications to gain the advantage in battle! Soldiers and airmen across the entire theater have changed their tactics to embrace these new powerful tools. This is the most extensive and game changing update in YEARS to World War II Online. Building PPOs is a fun and rewarding experience that now has a direct impact on each battle like never before.

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World War II Online - Version 1.35.6 (December 2016)

This update is focused on making several modifications to the initial roll out of PPO’s. As planned, CRS absorbed player feedback through intermission testing.

Thanks to you all for your thorough testing and bug reporting! We have also attached important notes from the previous release ( below.

New Weapons shared for US Forces

In an effort to rapidly balance this new update, we shared some French artillery weapons with the US forces. The following weapons have been added to the US kit:

  • 25mm light anti-tank gun.
  • 47mm medium anti-tank gun.
  • Hotchkiss 25mm anti-aircraft gun.

Player Placed Object (PPO) Fixes

  • US FMS now correctly spawns light ATG’s and AAA.
  • Units that spawn from FMS can now RTB at FMS.
  • Ammo cache lifetime extended slightly.
  • SdKfz 251c now allows driver to cycle / place PPO’s.
  • Gun Emplacement can be placed much closer to other objects.
  • Increased cool down and build time of Gun Emplacement.
  • Reduced cool down and build time of Sandbags.
  • Sandbags buffed to require 2-4AP or 1-2 HE rounds to destroy.
  • Mortar damage against PPOs increased.
  • Reduced Tank Trap cool down timer.

General Fixes

  • Compass on all destroyers and troop transports corrected.
  • Morris tractor coasting bug fixed.
  • Squad recruitment fixed.
  • Credits updated.




The new fortified mobile spawn is now the main mobile spawn point. Infantry and both light anti-tank and light anti-aircraft guns can be spawned from these points. As the name suggests, it is fortified and capable of withstanding lots of hits. The FMS is truck deployed only, and there can only be a single spawn point per mission. It can be placed both on the frontier and in cities. There are two firing slits on the front of the object for defenders, and instructions on the wall to join Teamspeak and how to setup a zone of control (ZOC).

The new fortified mobile spawn!

[ HOW TO ATTACK ] Bombs from Aircraft, HE satchels and HE rounds from mortars or artillery / tank guns will have the most impact. However, small arms (including grenades) will have no effect.

[ HOW TO DEFEND ] Expand your fortification by deploying multiple objects around the FMS (especially the Gun Emplacement [GE] ) and spawn light guns. The [GE] looks the same as the FMS from the air, therefore concealing it from being obvious.


The UMS is the old FRU model (boxes with radio), and may be only deployed within large cities on the "cobblestone" terrain. It is capable of fitting into tight spots the FMS cannot. Spawning only infantry (no guns), it is also very weak in terms of tolerance to damage. This object CANNOT be placed on the frontier, this is intentional.

Thew new urban mobile spawn!


Two crates filled with ammunition. These ammo boxes can be deployed by a truck to leave a supply point for all ground based weapons. It has a 15 minute lifetime.

The all new ammo cache! Resupply units


Placeable by Engineer class only, and only destroyable by HE satchels and bombs. A single HE satchel will remove this object. HE satchels are available with the Engineer (4), Sapper (2) and now Bolt-Action Rifleman (1) classes.

Stop tanks in their track! Engineer deployed traps


Placeable by Engineer and Standard Bolt-Action Rifleman classes only (not Semi-Auto). Sandbags are immune to small arms fire (grenades and anti-tank rifle can damage), and a few rounds of heavier weaponry will obliterate the object.

New sandbags deployed by standard rifleman and engineers


[ INFANTRY ] Simply select the PPO build tool (9 key), Fire (LMB by default) to place, Aim (RMB by default) to cycle objects available to your class.

[ TRUCKS ] Select Z to deploy, then hit the Cycle Ammo key (Backspace by default) to cycle.

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