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All the playable factions that are in the modification.

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House Stark

Lords and Settlements
King Robb Stark - Winterfell
Ser Wylis ManderlyWhite - Harbor
Lord Roose Bolton - The Dreadfort
Lady Maege Mormont - Bear Island
Castellan Carol Snow - Barrowton
Lord Cley Cerwyn - Castle Cerwin
Ser Robin Flint - Widow's Watch
Castellan Bryan Coldhill - Hornwood
Lord Rickard Karstark - Karhold
Ser Donnel Locke - Oldcastle
Lord Howland Reed - Greywater Watch
Lord Rodrik Ryswell - Castle Rills
Lord Jon Umber - Last Hearth
Lord Galbart Glover - Deepwood Motte
Ser Helman Tallhart - Torhhen's Square
Lord Meriadoc Flint - Flint's Finger
Warden Nomar Sharplcaw - Moat Cailin

House Greyjoy

Lords and Settlements
King Balon Greyjoy - Pyke (Pyke)
Lord Rodrik Harlaw - Ten Towers (Harlaw)
Lord Gorold Goodbrother - Hammerhorn (Great Wyk)
Lord Baelor Blacktyde - Blacktyde (Blacktyde)
Lord Sawane Botley - Lordsport (Pyke)
Lord Wilhelm Sparr - Castle Sparr (Great Wyk)
Lord Ragnar Stonehouse - Stonehouse Keep (Old Wyk)
Lord Dunstan Drumm - Drumm Castle (Old Wyk)
Lord Triston Farwynd - Sealskin Point (Great Wyk)
Captain Sigfry Stonetree - Stonetree Fort (Harlaw)
Lord Ejnar Sunderly - Sunderly Hall (Saltcliff)
Lord Waldon Wynch - Iron Holt (Pyke)
Lord Donnor Saltcliffe - Saltcliffe Castle (Saltcliff)
Lord Meldred Merlyn - Pebbleton (Great Wyk)
Lord Gram Orkwood - Orkmont Castle (Orkmont)
Captain Jon Myre - Myre Keep (Harlaw)
Lord Robar Tawney - Tawney Hall (Orkmont)
Lord Captain Victarion Greyjoy - No fiefs
Captain Theon Greyjoy - No fiefs
Captain Asha Greyjoy - No fiefs

House Lannister

Lords and Settlements

Lord Tywin Lannister - Casterly Rock
King Joffrey Baratheon - King's Landing
Lord Leo Lefford - Golden Tooth
Ser Kevan Lannister - Lannisport
Lord Roland Crakehall - Crakehall
Ser Harys Swyft - Cornfield
Lord Frederic Serrett - Silverhall
Lord Lewys Lydden - Deep Den
Lord Tytos Brax - Hornvale
Ser Melwyn Sarsfield - Sarsfield
Lord Damon Marbrand - Ashemark
Lord Gawen Westerling - The Crag
Lord Quenten Banefort - Banefort
Lord Gyles Rosby - Rosby
Lord Renfred Rykker - Duskendale
Lord Alfred Buckwell - The Antlers
Lord Sebaston Farman - Faircastle
Lord Terrence Kenning - Kayce
Lord Garrison Prester - Feastfires
Ser Gregor Clegane - Clegane Hall
Ser Amory Lorch - Harrenhall

House Arryn

Lords and Settlements
Lord Yohn Royce - The Eyrie
Lord Lyonel Corbray - Heart's Home
Lord Triston Sunderland - Sisterton
Lord Gerold Grafton - Gulltown
Lord Nestor Royce - Runestone
Lord Royce Coldwater - Coldwater Burn
Lord Benedar Belmore - Strongsong
Lord Brad Elesham - The Paps
Lord Fred Hersy - Newkeep
Lord Uthor Tollett - Grey Glen
Ser Morton Waynwood - Ironoaks
Lord Horton Redfort - Redfort
Lord Gilwood Hunter - Longbow Hall
Lord Patrick Melcolm - Old Anchor
Lord Jon Lynderly - Sunkenwood
Lord Harold Pryor - Pebble
Ser Edmund Waxley - Wickenden
Ser Symond Templeton - Ninestars
Ser Damon Shett - Gull Tower
Knight of the Gate Donnel Waynwood - Bloody Gate

House Martell

Lords and Settlements
Prince Oberyn Martell - Sunspear
Lord Dagos ManwoodĐâ - Kingsgrave
Ser Ryon Allyrion - Godsgrace
Lord Anders Yronwood - Yronwood
Ser Cletus Yronwood - Boneway Keep
Ser Dezial Dalt - Lemonwood
Lord Tremond Gargalen - Saltshore
Castellan Torio Sand - Ghost Hill
Lord Trebor Jordayne - The Tor
Ser Perros Blackmont - Blackmont
Lord Harmen Uller - Hellholt
Lord Quentyn Qorgyle - Sandstone
Castellan Kerem Clearsky - Starfall
Lord Franklyn Fowler - Skyreach
Ser Gerris Drinkwater - Vulture's Roost
Lord Sadik Wyl - Wyl
Lord Daeron Vaith - Vaith
Ser Gerold Dayne - High Hermitage
Ser Symon Santagar - Spottswood

House Baratheon

Lords and Settlements
King Stannis Baratheon - Dragonstone
Ser Gilbert Farring - Storm's End
Lord Casper Wylde - Rain House
Lord Selwyn Tarth - Evenfall Hall
Ser Davos Seaworth - Castle Wrath
Lord Ardrian Celtigar - Claw Castle
Lord Monford Velaryon - Driftmark
Lord Martin Staunton - Rook's Rest
Lord Duram Bar Emmon - Sharp Point
Ser Justin Massey - Stonedance
Lord Tobian Errol - Haystack Hall
Lord Ralph Buckler - Bronzegate
Lord Harwood Fell - Felwood
Ser Ronnet Connington - Griffin's Roost
Lord Lester Morrigen - Crow's Nest
Lord Gulian Swann - Stonehelm
Ser Axel Mertyns - Mistwood
Ser Eldon Estermont - Greenstone
Castellan Rickard Storm - Blackhaven
Lord Bryce Caron - Nightsong
Lord Alester Florent - No fiefs

House Tully

Lords and Settlements
Lord Edmure Tully - Riverrun
Lord Jason Mallister - Seaguard
Lord Malcolm Roote - Lord Harroway's Town
Ser Quincy Cox - Saltpans
Ser Stevron Frey - The Twins
Lord Jonos Bracken - Stone Hedge
Castellan Ben Rivers - Darry
Lord Tytos Blackwood - Raventree Hall
Lord William Mooton - Maidenpool
Ser Marq Piper - Pinkmaiden castle
Ser Robin Ryger - Willow Wood
Lord Theomar Smallwood - Acorn Hall
Ser Ronald Vance the Bad - Atranta
Lord Karyl Vance - Wayfarer's Rest
Ser Raymond Nayland - Hag's Mire
Ser Ryman Frey - No fiefs
Black Walder Frey - No fiefs

House Tyrell

Lords and Settlements
Lord Mace Tyrell - Highgarden
Lord Paxter Redwyne - Arbor
Lord Orton Merryweather - Longtable
Lord Leyton Hightower - Oldtown
Lord Elwood Meadows - Grassy Vale
Lord Mathis Rowan - Goldengrove
Lord Tomas Footly - Tumbleton
Lord Branston Cuy - Sunhouse
Ser Kevin Oakheart - Old Oak
Lord Randyll Tarly - Horn Hill
Lord Tommen Costayne - Three Towers
Lord Martyn Mullendore - Uplands
Castellan Jory Flowers - Blackcrown
Lord Leo Blackbar - Bandallon
Ser Garlan Tyrell - Brightwater Keep
Lord Lorent Caswell - Bitterbridge
Ser Tanton Fossoway - Cider Hall
Lord Osbert Serry - Southshield
Lord Moribald Chester - Greenshield
Lord Guthor Grimm - Greyshield
Lord Humfrey Hewett - Oakenshield
Ser Vortimer Crane - Red Lake

halloman1111 - - 4 comments

you forgot to write HOUSE TULYY

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gokiller Author
gokiller - - 1,070 comments

Oops right, thanks!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 698,762 comments

Maybe you would at a later date consider doing a night's watch and wildling faction that we could play as.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
gokiller Author
gokiller - - 1,070 comments

There will be actually a wildling and night's watch faction, both playable! They only haven't been added to this list yet. Appologies. :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 698,762 comments

Does that then mean that we will be able to journey up to the Fist of the First Men, the Frostfangs and maybe even the Land of Always Winter? O.o

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
gokiller Author
gokiller - - 1,070 comments

Most likely, however I can't be 100% sure.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
vrnjo - - 38 comments

what about of eastern side of narrow sea? volantis, pentos, bravos and others?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
daget24 - - 80 comments

How will the diplomacy work in this mod? Will this be based on scripted events, or you gonna make it more open native style.
Also did you mention all the lords in this mod or you gonna add few other/minor ones like more important relatives of particular lords with village or no fiefs. Would kinda like someone like Jaime Lannister, Garlan Tyrell, Dacey Mormont or Mors Umber running around. :3

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