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Post feature RSS Patch 1.3 is now live! Pad support and many more!

A new patch with controller support and many additions just went live on Steam and other platforms.

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We meet again, Gamedec.

Since the premiere, we've been monitoring social media to acknowledge your feedback. We hear you, and we know that a lot of you asked for controller support, and we're excited to tell you that it's here!

In today's patch, besides many improvements and fixes we implemented, the controller support has arrived, so be sure to grab your pad and hop into virtualium because many cases are waiting to be solved, no excuses!

We want to thank you for your feedback, speaking up about the bugs or issues of any kind you encountered. Below you'll find the complete list of changes and fixes the Patch 1.3 contains, and I can tell you, a lot of bugs are gone now. Of course, it doesn't mean that we're done here so, please don't hesitate to ping us through steam discussions, our Discord, Twitter, or Facebook in case if you'll encounter any issues or you'd have any questions!

Last but not least: a hotfix will be released next week and it will feature Steam Trading Cards and additional tweaks to the Kickstarter backers content.

Patch 1.3 - Change-Log


General Fixes

  • The controller support has arrived
  • Improved controls in menu, UI, and in-game
  • Fixed the issue that the code wasn't scrolling down in case of many unread posts
  • Optimized foliage
  • Further localization improvements and fixes
  • Fixed the Excursion achievement graphic
  • Fixed the issue where the game crashed after starting a new game

Harvest Time

  • Fixed the blocker on the cemetery
  • Fixed the issue with the blocked farm after level 8
  • Fixed the issue where Acke wouldn't arrive at the scene in the field
  • Fixed various animation and interaction issues
  • Fixed various audio issues
  • Fixed the issue where the player would gain $3 for picking golden pumpkin instead of $30
  • Fixed the bug where during the event Super Harvest the timer could be reset by saving and loading the save
  • Fixed the issue where workers wouldn't attend to the farm, even if the player paid for their work at Poppy's
  • Fixed Ken's spawn point at the Saloon in Act 2; he will show up closer to gamedec now
  • Fixed the issue where Handy Joe would say that the max level is 10, but the actual max level is 8
  • After collecting 100000 coins, the UI will show the correct amount now

Like Father Like Son

  • Fixed interaction issues
  • Improved music
  • Fixed graphic bugs
  • Fixed further localization issues
  • Fixed the issue where Bob would provide all the info to gamedec before helping him with his wife case
  • Fixed the issue where gamedec could kill Ken too early while he is still speaking
  • Fixed the minigame with Admin in Twisted & Perverted where the player's movement could cause glitches
  • Fixed the issue where Miya and Maya wouldn't leave the subway
  • Fixed the issue where after loading the save, Fredo wouldn't follow the player to the exit

Knight's Code

  • Fixed interaction and animation issues
  • Fixed graphic bugs
  • Fixed the issue where the player couldn't pick up the wire
  • Fixed the interaction with Jester and Lord after a conversation with the Lord
  • Fixed the dialogue lines in conversation with Lord Moth in Umbra's Quest
  • Fixed the bug where the player was able to pick up ginseng before taking a quest for it
  • Fixed audio issues
  • Fixed the issue where the player couldn't complete the meditation quest

Axis Mundi

  • Fixed various glitches
  • Fixed the issue in a labyrinth where the player could draw the picture with just one interaction


  • Voice Mail with backer's input has been added to the apartment
  • Hall of Fame as interaction at the bar in Low City

Thank you so much for being so supportive; stay safe, and have fun in virtualium!

Team Gamedec


Finally! TY

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