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Post feature RSS Patch 0.7 coming live on December 22-23

Greetings seafarers, today we are happy to announce upcoming patch 0.7! Our original plan for 0.7 was to just make a small graphics update, but the further we went, the more gameplay improvements felt necessary to be included as well. We ended up with a major patch including rework of islands, adding points of interest and equipment system for your crew.

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Visuals update

In 0.7 we managed to fix our main bottleneck involving making islands - planting huge forests. Now we are able to make the world much tighter packed and also be more diverse and pleasing to the eye.

The world in the upcoming patch will contain tens of islands, flotsam and points of interest that you can explore.

Island expeditions rework

For a long time we weren't feeling very happy with how the island expedition system functioned. The islands felt disconnected from the actual terrain in the world, you couldn't explore every location on the island, and individual sailors weren't playing an active role during encounters.

In 0.7 we have addressed all of these issues: now you have a map which follows actual terrain; expedition crew is smaller, sailors directly carry items and pass attribute checks and you can revisit any island and explore locations in any order you want.

[Preview] UI is still in progress

We are also revising all existing encounters, improving their gameplay, as well as adding new ones.

Crew equipment

We've reworked crew assignments, reducing the overall number of sailors by roughly 40-50%, which will make it easier to keep track of them.

The circular tokens represent a new feature - assignable items. As you explore islands and points of interests, loot enemy ships and complete quests you will gain rare items that you can directly assign to the sailor, boosting his stats and job performance.

Patch 0.7 will have a clearer interaction between sailor attributes and effects that they provide on a ship, i.e. rigger's fitness impacting ship's speed, steward's craftsmanship impacting repair speed etc.
Some of the crew and sailor attributes are undergoing changes too. For example sailors are now having individual health, allowing them to be injured and healed instead of dying instantly.

We will be showing more of all new crew improvements in the next dev diary.

Release date

Patch 0.7 is coming live on Steam on December 23rd. As always, your support brings us a lot of energy boosting the development, so please leave a like, comment and If you have any questions - we are always active in our Steam community and Discord.

That's it for today!

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