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This site presents basic info on Paradigm Worlds, what it is and how does it work. It also lists most important links where Paradigm Worlds was presented in media like youtube / reddit.

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Paradigm Worlds have been featured by various games and mod sites. It has been played by youtubers known for their dedication for Mount&Blade series. PW lives thanks to players, who play mod and discuss. Some of them commit to project with their own work. Others want just to chat.

YouTube - Paradigm Worlds - Review/Let'sPlay

A couple of links to reviews and discussions:

  • Is Life Even Worth Living in Paradigm Worlds? - reddit
  • Paradigm Worlds strategies? - reddit
  • Indiedb - mirrors Paradigm Worlds articles
  • Nothing about this Mount & Blade crossover mod makes sense - PC Gamer
  • GamePressure - mirror download 1.20
  • Small Info Site on TaleWords - Paradigm Worlds
  • How to survive Paradigm Worlds - steam - discussion
  • Player's reviews

Alternative Paradigm Worlds Site by Timigi

To my best knowledge, there are numerous game portals mirroring Paradigm Worlds downloads, providing basic info on mod too. They are not on a list, ad they do not any new information, they just provide files with original description from moddb.



You have created something that has to do with Paradigm Worlds and you want people know about it - there are few ways to promote your work. It doesn't matter is it an article, sub-mod, translation etc. - as long it is 'about' Paradigm Worlds.

- contact by comment / private message on moddb - let me know, that you created something

- write an article - it isn't well know fact, that actually everyone can write an article - news / feature / tutorial - and post it on Paradigm Worlds main page.


You have created new mod, mini-game - 'something' - and you want get to as many players possible. If this is 'something' about Paradigm Worlds then I will try to help promote such project with all my skills possible.

- Full Media Support on Paradigm Worlds moddb page, Talewords forum, etc. [article, pictures, promoting clip, etc.]

- I will be more than happy to use my personal contacts to let know other media about Your project

Our 'small' community - see Paradigm Worlds influence range/power


Check Tutorials Page - especially if you are interested in making mods / games

karolgrodecki Author

Is Life Even Worth Living in Paradigm Worlds? - This is my favorite discussion thread. At first I laughed - just after reading next comment from someone else: 'I only read the title and said "no". But... honestly I did not realize how dark, cruel reality players weave playing Paradigm Worlds.

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