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This article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: WORLD'S GLOBAL POLITICS

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Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures!

This article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: WORLD'S GLOBAL POLITICS


  • Orders - finally Orders have chance to show their true power. They are no more just Elite troops, they become active element of the Paradigm Worlds.
    • Order can send up to 7 diplomatic missions per order.
    • They send troops to help lords, owners of centers where order is.
    • They can conduct some actions in centers they residue.
    • They also send missions between centers (towns and castles). (Orders as mission targets prefer centers where their own order residues, but they may send missions everywhere really).
    • When mission arrives at target place, it conducts diplomacy which effects in positive or negative outcome (from recruiting free troops to spreading disease).
    • Not all Orders are truly your best friends, they have their secret intentions. Depending on scenario or era various orders have different agendas. You have to watch them closely, check news about their doings, and keep them on short lead.
    • To clear one thing: Orders are 'good' or 'evil' - so each Order can have only positive or only negative effect on settlement.
    • When Order prepares some huge event, it has to spend its power points (mentioned earlier Influence). It gains Influence conducting successful missions or thanks to player donation in gold.

biotec race - Paradigm Worlds 1.99

BIOTEC looks little scary, but most of their kind is friendly to other creatures

  • New Race - BIOTEC - Ladies and Gentleman, dear Creatures and you noble Primary and Secondary Commanders, please welcome new creatures in our world.
    • Biotecs become integral part of Paradigm Worlds as they appear in two flavors:
    • Major and minor faction: Chitin Kingdom and Monsters. Chitin Kingdom swarms gather in centers which they call Hives. You can encounter this major faction in futuristic SCENARIO/ERA in the year 10K.
    • Independently wild biotecs may be encountered as a minor faction, represented by Monsters.
    • Unique troops, so-called Summoners may instantly call for reinforcements, which arrive on field of battle (there are few new troops that can do similar trick with skeletons, and flying drones).
    • Yes, you read well, flying drones. And, there are troops you can hire that can do summoning for you. Or you can just find one of new items that you call reinforcements yourself. VERY interesting option to consider, when you equip your hero to a QUEST mission.
    • As faction Biotecs of Chitin Kingdom are at best middle-tier player. As a race they provide interesting choice for someone looking to for cyber-way-role as they have good knowledge of hacking [this is the way]
    • Age of character may be very not-like-our, depending on race. Biotecs, mutants or vampires become adult at the age of just couple years.
    • To re-roll age (it does not affect game currently, it is made for immersion) go back from menu race and pick your favorite race again.

New Lost Legion of Assimilation - PARADIGM WORLDS

Lost Legion of Assimilation

  • Revamped Factions - Lost Legion assimilated. And will try to assimilate you too.
    • Ancient Rome Legion - version in which it arrived to this mod, it was too much even for a crazy world of Paradigms. They have been assimilated and cyborgized. To fit in.
    • Powerful heavy infantry, good cavalry. Ranged troops well armored, but their blasters have no good stopping power.
    • High-advanced in technology. They have unique troops that can summon flying drones. Like all summoners, they can create tactical distraction during battles. Drones can slow down cavalry charges, or harass enemy flanks.
    • Lost Legion may be encountered in year 10K era/scenario, it is represented by a faction of vampires trying to recreate empire in a tradition of Romans. They call themselves Technomati Empire .
    • Lost Legion, always, may be encountered as a minor faction. It is one of unique minor factions that can spawn massive army leaded by incredibly powerful leader, in case of Legion it is SCIPIO GLABAA. Presence of Glabaa is 'guaranteed' no matter.
    • Depending on era/scenario they may be replaced by one of other 30 factions, or even by hand-picked, minor faction, specially prepared to fit scenario - Year 5066 has some unique minors.

  • New Factions - here is short list of new Factions. Also WHEN and HOW you can encounter them.
    • Tribal Confederation - Orcs and Uruks have their own tribal faction. It is solely dedicated to primal era, year 5066. They are Major Faction, their troops consist - of course - orcs and uruks of all kinds. Orcs represent light cavalry and infantry, Uruks same for heavy grade troops.

tribute to ninjas - Paradigm Worlds

    • Twelve Fists of the Celestial Blast versus Rubin Shadow of the Iron Blood - these two clans wage indefinite war. Made as a tribute to all oldskool ninja-karate movies of '80ties Blue Celestials and Rubin Ninja may be encountered in any Era. Celestials are part of Justice League, while Rubin joined Outlaws. In year 5066 Clan of Rubin Ninjas may be encountered as Major Faction.
      • Don't underestimate their skills. Their armament may be primitive, but warriors of both clans devote their life to mastering weapons handling. They are very skilled in causing massive, critical wounds, as masters of all sorts of katanas, nogachis and glaives.
      • Blue clan troops are bit slower, heavier armored, and their melee weapon is not so deadly as their counterparts.
      • Rubin clan warfare doctrine depends on fastest possible melee contact and taking down opponent in close combat. They are mostly equipped in light armors, in exchange for better mobility.
      • Blue clan is in disposal of very skilled light archers, while almost all Rubin clan ranged troops use deadly crossbows.
      • Both clans are in disposal of ranged cavalry, and both sides ninjas are often equipped in gigantic stars-disc.

Chitin Kingdom / Monsters - troop tree - PARADIGM WORLDS

    • NEW FACTION: Mentioned earlier - Chitin Kingdom - faction solely consisting of Biotecs. They are organized in armies-swarms, all black in chitin armors. They have their own system of cavalry, their mobile forces use kind of chitin-hovercraft, small and large chitin platforms.

Heaven Kingdom - vel Swadia - Paradigm Worlds

  • NEW CATEGORY OF FACTION: Outlaws / Commoners - At the start of any scenario, few centers are randomly given to new category of factions: Criminals and Free People.
    • Criminals represent bandit faction in any given era. In 6077 it may be Outlaws organized as semi-primitive looters, while in Year 10K they are well-organized criminal syndicate, known as Mafia. Their soldiers have military hierarchy and state serious power in the new world order. For organised crime syndicate there have been created new bandit troops, like Sicario, Mafia Soldier and so on.
    • Free People may be represented by any faction traditionally representing farmers, settlers, peasants, but also free heroes like you, or just peaceful creatures that do not wish to live under any government.
    • Outlaws and Commoners can posses towns, castles and villages.
    • Both factions do not have active lords. They do not conduct any diplomacy, however as they 'work' still like minor factions, player can improve or ruin relations with them by multiple means and diplomatic tools.
    • They don't 'have' lords not because it is impossible from my side of game, but because as I stated - let me repeat again - THEY HATE GOVERNMENT, they have chosen total freedom, with ALL ITS CONSEQUENCES.
    • Outlaws are always in constant war with all Major factions. Commoners are always in neutral or positive relations with Major powers.

  • There are few minor factions created especially for custom scenario/era like Illuminati, Wild Band, or Assimilators - they do not introduce any new troops. They are not mentioned in official factions list for that reason.

  • Sack, Corrupt or give Freedom - New options for conducting conquest. After conquering castle or town, player have new options:
    • Sack Center - instead of taking over center, player can loot treasury and run away with money. Shortly after, any center will get under (random) control of any other major faction.
    • Cede center to Outlaws - You can give away captured center to Outlaws. Of course, will all consequences, like VERY generous [improvement/ruination] to relations with [Criminals/ captured center].
    • Give Freedom - You can give back center to Free Creatures. Any center is gonna be grateful for such a huge gift. Centers [towns, castles, villages] belonging to Free Creatures are friendly or neutral with all major powers, they do not get in each others way.
    • Each option presents very interesting idea, if you want to weaken enemy, but you are afraid you are not gonna be able to keep captured center. Giving freedom means that no-one will have 'it' again, while criminals in the center will keep enemy faction busy for a while.
    • Of all major powers, only this leaded by player can attack commoners, and in a result start war with Free People. All other major factions keep eternal peace with commoners. This is not a suggestion that player *should* attack or besiege free settlements. It is optional.

  • Diplomacy for Minor Factions - 'Divide et impera!' says old roman proverb. Successfully used by Julius Ceasar who turned against each other gallic tribes to deal with them separately.
    • New diplomatic tools to deal with minor factions
    • These simple semi-nomadic faction do not have advanced rules. They understand and respect three concepts: Honor, Renown and Gold.
    • By using corruption (money) ,intimidation (negative honor) or heroism (renown) you can convince minors to like or dislike your and any other faction
    • Same way, you can enforce peace, or even extort additional ransom. The more greedy is the request, the longer will last negative status with extorted faction.
    • This way player can make enemy of previously friendly faction, and vice-versa, even enemy faction treated with respect, or generosity may become friends with player faction.
    • By same means (corruption, etc.) you can force any army to join your faction. This, however, comes with a price.
    • Any faction can be under 'diplomatic' status with player faction. Status may be:
      • friends
      • insult
      • honored
      • extorted
      • truce
      • attacked
      • helped
      • afraid
    • Status can last for few days, and respectively every day slightly changing relations. 'Friendly' kinds improve stronger or weaker good relations, and 'Unfriendly' relations vice versa. So relations are friendly and improvement or degradation is fluid.
    • Status may be an effect of player actions, like joining battle against minor faction, or helping it against other enemy.
    • Negative effect may be triggered also by recruiting whole party (army). Bribed or intimidated army will change allegiance and become part of your faction.
    • You can give orders to any friendly party [this tutorial has outdated interface, but orders still work same - except in 1.99 you can give same full orders to anyone - Issuing orders to friendly armies ], like follow, protect, attack and so on. Friendly parties will join you in battles and during sieges. AI has been improved, so it is more brave when it comes to encounter with stronger armies, if its orders are to protect target (like player).
    • If you have very good relations with minor faction, you can use your heroism (Renown) to convince army to join your side. Targeted faction will feel [extorted] for a few days, which in diplomacy language means upset, but nothing serious.
    • 'Old' status can be overwritten by any new status
    • Peace and war with numerous minor factions may be important element of your factions economy. With v 1.99 PW caravans provide a lot more profit in taxes for centers. Prosperity and your income depends highly on safety of of your trade.
    • It is not my last word in this subject. As in the future I want expand that system on player faction and further. That would require implementing active diplomacy between minor factions, giving them agendas, initiative, creating FLUID diplomatic connections with major factions, probably creating central leader, and so on.

This article is a part of main presentation of Paradigm Worlds: We, the creatures!


Updates look amazing, love your work.

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