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With Ryan and the other staff returning from GDC 2009 we have the biggest Modcast to date, this might take a while.

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Another week another Modcast, this episode clocks in just over 2 hours with all the news, discussion and banter you could ever need. With Ryan and the other staff returning from GDC 2009 we have a discussion about what was on offer. The crew also discuss the idea of updating old games with new graphics, is it worth it? Oh by the way 02:15:20, I wonder what that means?




So that's it for this week modders, but don't fear we will be back next week with more mods and goss for you all to enjoy! Don't forget to send your modding/gaming questions to dave@moddb.com and we will answer the questions on the show!

Mastix - - 594 comments

First modcast I hear in this site and what I got to say is before you talk about a mod you should cheak out more detail about it... for example Bisounours Party is not only Deathmatch but also Forts, Co-Op & Domination.

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Mkilbride - - 2,784 comments

Aw. Couldn't just throw in more NT hype?

Still, not a bad cast. Decadence really was a let down. It looked pretty badarse from some screenshots and stuff I saw.

I told you guys were comparing it to a Barebones TF2!!! You told me you didn't! I knew it!

I agree, it's not strategy based usually. It's so beautifully mapped though, the textures and maps, everything is great about those. Scout in this really is powerful, but the Heavy MG is useless.

I hear it took them two years, working at a full time pace to pump it out...I'd really think 6 months of full, hardcore work could pump out the same.

I barely got a playable Ping, but most servers are SUPER laggy. I hear they only tested the netcode on LAN and didn't really think of how it'd work online.

It's a good story for a mod and the backround and stuff, but they don't make use of it in an interesting way.

In the end though, I love how when I listen to the Modcasts, I don't feel like it's some professional jerk or anything payed to review and whatnot, I feel like it's just a bunch of players rambling and thats what makes it worth listening to.

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OkeiDo - - 380 comments

Man you need to stop crying about Decadence, they never said that it would be anything else than what it is. People knew it was 2vs2 and all that, if people don't like it they can just play something else (and perhaps give it another go when an update is released).

And you "hear" too much.

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DuckSauce - - 969 comments

you need the play the mod some more, or just get over it that you don't like 2v2

I at first thought the heavy was useless too, but if you use him right he could in some situations be considered more overpowered then the scout, cause his bullet load ability thing is like a BACKSTAB that can be done in the FRONT at all times as well, DEADLY vs a scout, just use cover, get close then run up to his face and unload while pointing straight at him, if you're close enough there's no other aim needed, the burst of bullets can insta kill even the heavy on close range!

I also thought it was stupid the mod is being compared to tf2, the scout in tf2 has a bludy shotgun and piece of **** pistol, the scout in this mod is more like a sniper without the insane speed of the tf2 scout, I actually think the scout is just misnamed, because it's not really a scout, more like a sniper sort of thing as the scout is only good at long range.
So obviously your comparison with tf2 is WRONG, in there a Sniper will own a heavy from most ranges except close range ALWAYS, the scout in Decadence has a LONG RANGE weapon, face it, as a heavy you need to use cover rather then provoke the scout to snipe your ***, get over the fact that it's named a scout and realize it's a sniper, slow, close ranged classes obviously can't win a medium to long range fight against a sniper.

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enablerbr - - 38 comments

was this the Love game the Modcast was talking about.


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Metafiz - - 504 comments

yes it was

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MrMattWebb - - 1,803 comments


That game looks awesome!

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enablerbr - - 38 comments

those tools that the game Love is using are from Uni-verse.org

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SSwamp_Trooper - - 110 comments

About Evochron Legends it is a great game and I recommend you try it, the game is actually made by only one man (called Vice) and he has done an amazing job.

He gave me permission to create a profile on moddb, and I'm glad it got noticed. So I guess I need to add more to it now :).

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Tokoya - - 503 comments

Epic modcast

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myles - - 854 comments

Thankyou for the mention!

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Jonas - - 285 comments

Henley, I'm correcting you because you're wrong ;)

Shifter is not a class, it's another mod for Deus Ex. And it's not compatible with The Nameless Mod at present, so don't combine them.

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Henley Author
Henley - - 1,973 comments

As I said I didnt know too much, but thanks for the correction.

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bob_gneu - - 62 comments

Thanks for the coverage. Your comments are certainly spot on. Our next release actually handles a couple of them, but the bots are still going to be garbage.

It's a shame you hadn't let us know. We are releasing in the next couple days and it would certainly be better to discuss on your podcast.

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bob_gneu - - 62 comments

And FTR - Its UT3, not 2k3.

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Rigelblast - - 220 comments

Good Modcast once again! I think this episode is kind of special as it has more content (news, discussions, etc.) than typical Modcasts. However, this is not a bad thing since the topics were quite interesting and informative.

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BlazeHedgehog - - 304 comments

Oooh, thanks for the mention on Sonic: TFH - even if it was just "This Sonic game looks cool." "Yup."

I have to say, though, I got a kick out of people saying "They". I realize it's probably just a force of habit because there are so many mod teams out there, but I am the only official staff member on the game. I get feedback and stuff from my friends, of course, but I don't think that really counts as "staff".

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geokes - - 96 comments

Great Modcast,
Filefront's up again btw :)

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LeonardKevinMoberg® - - 122 comments

Looking back at all of my PerfectDark MISSION'S, now knowing that the one's I wanted to Show, I can't and are the Future, and are still CLASSIFIED.

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