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This mod will have some other stuff like Multiplayer maps... Singleplayer maps and Coop maps

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This mod comes with 3 new maps Black Mesa Research Facility Sector Z and Y,zm_Black_Mesa_Run,zm_URBAN_FLIGHT_FIGHT...

all maps are good and tested and ready but will be edited every 3 weeks Includes Half-Life 1 Zombie Skin,Half-Life 1 Zombie Sounds,

Also im tweaking a lot of bugs and working on On a Rail....it will take time might take a week or 2 to finish it but i will try to hurry up...
Also will include the new HUD for you and maybe a new radar (not shure) battery, will replaced by kevlar, the medkit will BE reskinned to a Half-Life 1, Kevlar and Helm will be reskinned to an HEV ( already reskinned ) more updates soon...

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