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Comrades, Today’s devlog is about Hacker class agents. If you think that you will continue to read only about the abilities of hacking systems or typical hackers’ lotions - everything is not as simple as can seem to be!

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The Hacker class of agents

Brief information about Hackers

Of course, in the past Hackers were programmers and professionals in the field of cyber security. These are competent specialists who play only by their own rules and know how to do it better. Agents of this class feel at home in the virtual space and can influence the real world.

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Base Hackers attack

Despite their immersion in cyberspace, Hackers are quite good fighters in the real world. Their basic attack Flash deals damage with a force beam on a target enemy.

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Special abilities

Since the Hackers are associated with technology, they are also involved in the development of unique weapons or devices. For example, one of their special skills is Electroshock - using the glove to hit a targeted enemy with electricity.


With the Icebreaker ability, these agents can hack the defensive systems of the target enemy via the Cybernet. Reduces armor by 3 turns.

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Icebreaker ability will be available in the full-fledged game

And the opposite, ultimate ability ICE strengthens the defensive systems of all allies, improves their armor for three rounds.

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