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You have to become a serial killer to protect your family but you're also a regular guy. The Love of your family, your Ego and Humanity are crucial to know which Ending you will get.

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Love, Ego, Humanity

Truman: The Face Eraser is all about your decisions and actions, and how those actions affects Falldale, yourself and your family. The game will have different endings to discover, and is up to you to have a “happy” ending or a heartbreaking one.

There are a lot of factors that will affect Truman’s destiny inside the game. On this entry we’re going to talk about three.


Yes, you have to become a serial killer to kill every evil creature in Falldale and to protect your family. You have to very clever in order to avoid to get caught by the police (we talk earlier about the Suspicion Bar). But you can’t forget the most important thing for Truman, his family.

You have to take care of your family, be a loving father and husband for them. The Love of your family will have a crucial role inside the game. Don’t forget that you are doing your mission because you want to protect your family, so you can’t afford lose their love.


Depending on your actions, the love of your family will increase or decrease. You will know it thanks to an icon that will appear above your wife Dana, or your daughter Sonia. You can’t monitor how much your family loves you. Is like real life, you can’t tell if your wife loves you an 80% today, you just fell it. Every time one of this icons appears, you must take into account.

The Love system will have a direct impact on which Ending you will get. You have to accomplish your mission, but you can’t forget about your loving ones.

Hint: be an extremely loving father and husband is not necessarily a good thing.


Truman is not a hero, nor a soldier, he’s a regular guy with an enormous mission. Remember, your mission is kill every evil creature in Falldale city. Those evil creatures disguise themselves as regular people, so killing them affects Truman.

This is where the Humanity System plays its role. Killing evil creatures will decrease Truman’s Humanity. You can balance Truman’s Humanity doing stuff like be a loving father and husband, helping people in Falldale, etc.


Hint: if Truman has a very low Humanity, he can’t be a loving father and husband! Also people will get suspicious because of Truman’s behavior. A Truman with a low Humanity, will lose the ability to be empathetic with people.


Truman is a person, yeah, he has to kill evil creatures in Falldale like a serial killer, but he’s a person with feelings. And like a real person, a lot of things will affect him.

Ego System

Killing evil creatures will affect him, fighting with his wife or daughter will affect him and his Ego will decrease. It will be not the same playing with an upset Truman than playing with a calmed Truman, or a happy Truman. Sometimes you’ll have limited time to lie to a person, or clean a crime scene. An upset Truman will have even less time than a calmed or happy Truman.

Crime Scene

If Truman is upset that will affect his relationship with his family. Or, in an eventual interrogation, you will not have the cold blood to lie to the police.

You can fix your Ego doing a lot of stuff in Falldale like spend time with your family, taking a drink in a bar, helping someone, etc.

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