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Links to Live For Speed S2 related websites. Also a few local websites.

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Links to LFS related websites

-General :
   LFS World

"LFS statistics for licensed racers"

   LFS Forum
   LFS Manual
   LFS News website
   LFS Key-shortcuts
   The Unofficial Live for Speed FAQ
   LFS Benchmark site
   Setup Field

"Need a setup to get going? You might find it here."

-LFS Chat :
   IRC chat @ #liveforspeed on gamesurge
   (If you have no IRC client, getting mIRC is a good suggestion)
-League :
   The Original LFS League

"Our League events take place every week from 16:00
- 22:00 GMT on Sunday and all drivers either fast or slow are welcome.
Feel free to join if you enjoy clean, close and fun racing."

   Gentlefoot Racing League

"Dual class racing of FOX and FO8s, races every two weeks"

   Latin-American LFS league

"The Argentinean LFS league is an important point of encounter for simracers in Argentina and a big part of South America"

   Automovilismo Virtual

"LFS Colombia"

   League Of The Americas

"Multiple, clean, and fun racing series for the Western Hemisphere"

   Greek Virtual Racing Team League

"Greek S2 League"

   Austrian LFS Championship

"Every year, the best Austrian driver is determined in a series of challenging races"

   Digital Racing Series

"German league founded at the end of December 2007 and with the goal to provide the ultimate league resource"

   German Gamers Club Team-Challenge

"German Gamers Club Team-Challenge - a league for teams!"

   ESL Pro Series: LFS

"Only German for now, european leagues will follow"

   Open Wheel Racing League

"A league dedicated to bring the best open wheel
racing in Live For Speed. Races are on saturdays every 2 weeks. Open
for everyone for can race fair."

   French Leagues

"En attandant les ligues de l'ESL, vous pouvez ici
concourrir avec les meilleurs pilotes francophones actuels. Il n'y a
pas de limites de performances pour adhérer, tout le monde peut
participer, chacun se trouvant dans une poule avec des joueurs de même

   Liga Brasileira de Live for Speed

"The objective of the league goes is to promote the
growth of LFS in Brazil and consequently to elevate the level of
brazilian pilots.
Races run 2 times a month."

   Automovilismo Virtual

"LFS Mexico, The Reality Show League"

   AustralAsian League

"The AustralAsian League is an open Live for Speed league for all racers in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region."

   Sim Touring Car Cup

"The premier sim touring car championship"

-Other languages :
Austria - Austrian LFS community
Brazil - The Brazilian Live for Speed place!!
Chile - LiveForSpeed CHILE
Costa Rica - LFS Costa Rica
Czech Republic - CzechLFS.net
Czech Republic - LFS Action - CZ/SK Drift & Racing Community
Denmark - LFS Denmark
Finland - Finnish community website
France - LFS France
Germany - Live for Speed - The German Community
Germany - German Skin Depot
Greece - Greek Virtual Racing Team Forum
Hungary - Hungarian LFS community
Israel - LFS Israel
Italy - LFS Italia
Japan - LFS Japan
Latvia - Live for Speed Latvia
Latvia - Latvia LFS Community
Netherlands - Dutch LFS community
Norway - LFS Norway
Poland - Polish LFS-portal
Poland - Polish forum
Portugal - Simracing Portugal
Russia - LFS forum for all russian-speaking racers
Russia - LFS Russia
Serbia - Serbian LFS Community
Slovak Republic - Slovak LFS fan site
Slovak Republic - Slovak LFS
Slovenia - LFS Slovenia
Spain - Live for Speed Spain
Sweden - Live for Speed.se
Turkey - Turkish LFS forum

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