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Let's talk about the gameplay in Stupid Stones. There's a lot to say, we have much to tell you about each step, every single game component that we created and that we believe gives a better gaming experience.

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So, let's start with the basics of Stupid Stones.

The game is a shooter, but with puzzle elements. It's about shooting enemies with the matching colors: If a blue enemy falls down you will defeat it by shooting blue shots. Red enemy with red shots, and green enemy, of course, with green shots.

Simply as games slogan says "Classic arcade shooter - with a colorful twist."

But be aware of shooting the wrong color, if you fire a blue shot on a red enemy be ready for the punishment - a Return shot! Avoid it fast or loose life!

The color shots creates a tremendous gameplay, there is something special about shooting a long, vertical enemy line with over 40 enemies in a row, and switch between blue, red, blue, red and so on at a high tempo. The reward is total!

There are also scores chains to build up and a field point system based on where you kill the enemies on the play field. The best players are rewarded with Perfect Play, which unlocks secret levels. There are various enemies and bosses, special weapons and extra drops on the levels.

Though, let's talk more about these things next time. For now we hope a better picture of the basics of Stupid Stones and want to give it a try when we release a playable demo in Q1 2016.

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