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Sev - Hello and thank you for giving some time to answer to the questions of the interview Kor Asek - Yes. I am so good with people... (French humour) Sev - You are the head of the modellisation in the team, what about the progress of the creation of the 3D models? What are the main models that need more modifications?

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Sev - Hello and thank you for giving some time to answer to the questions of the interview
Kor Asek - Yes. I am so good with people... (French humour)

Sev - You are the head of the modellisation in the team, what about the progress of the creation of the 3D models? What are the main models that need more modifications?
Kor Asek - We don't have an exhaustive list of the things to make. Of course, we know which are indispensables, such as the P-90 and the MALPs, but the most part of the mesh have their own maps and are created with the mappers' demands one by one, who are privileged to see what we need. Obviously, the 3d modellers can at any time create an object, a statue of their own chief, which will be integrated where it will be the most useful/ the prettiest.

I would say that the creations of mesh are evoluting in parallel with the creation of maps, and even if there is a percentage of progress concerning the models visible on the home page, it is totally subjective! We can always add, add again, refine, remodel, put off, in a situation that we must sometimes force ourselves to stop the creation of things to help the game to progress.

But concerning the important models of the game, i would say that i am thinking of some important characters, for example the great bad guy who has not been created yet, and some secondary characters, particularly the jaffas, who already exist but not in their definitive version.
Some weapons need still some work; you will have a surprise about that in some times.

Sev - What about the maps? Do you think that one will be entirely finished?
Kor Asek - Yes. As I said, we can always work on things, but for the progression of the game, we have decided to let the map of the 1rst mission in it's actual form, which is moreover very acceptable, in order to accelerate the released of the demo; and we are not going to quibble about three 3 hieroglyphs under the chamber pot of the great bad guy.

Sev - We can imagine the quantity of work that needs the creation of all the models, of all those maps. How do you share the work? By theme, by order of arrive in the game...?
Kor Asek - As I said before, the most part of the models created are coming from the modellers’ demands, who create a topic on the forum. Next, others bring some pictures from episodes which are used as base for their work. Then a modeller who is free indicate that he takes in charge that model to do, and he creates the thing showing the evolution of his job through different screenshots to summit it to the critic of team, in order to have a perfect model.

After the aesthetic ratification comes eventually the technical ratification, when one of the experienced modellers acquires the file to check if it is well done, without holes, etc.

However, each has his speciality, a field where he fells good or particularly gifted. Though, Ptibog has created a lot of beautiful weapons, Tirex is specialized on the characters, Tilgath is versatile, but excellent concerning the architectures, whereas i prefer little objects, even i tried every categories (I am particularly proud of my goa'uld glove XD)

- All the Stargate fans are waiting for testing the game, are you focusing of the creation of a demo or it is not an important point in the sharing of tasks?
Kor Asek - The first mission is used as a demo. At present, it is finished concerning the mapping and modelisation. Only the IA stills, animations, and the characters are to refined, as well as the special effects. The modellers don't have to participate to it anymore, so they are focusing on the next missions. However, Mach, the coder, works exclusively on the demo, whose applications will serve obviously to all the others missions.

Sev - During my last interview, Mach talked about the IA that he agreed to make it progress before envisaging a demo. How far is the progression of the IA?
Kor Asek - Mach has the best position to talk about this subject, but it has unquestionably progress, even it is not finished.

Sev - And what about the multiplayer mod? You told us about some a revolutionary system. So?
Kor Asek - The multi mod will be created after the solo. Concerning that point, the scripts for the multi have not been sketched out, because Mach is focusing on the demo. But on the theoretical plan, we have decided of how the multi will be, only the code is lacking.
I can assure you that it will be innovating, addictive, submersible and amazing.
We will concentrate the best of the actual game multiplayer mod, and we will innovate farer! The goal is to obtain a realism allowing the player to really live a Stargate session. And because the team is fan, we are the first to be critic about ourselves to reach this goal.

Sev - Let's return to the campaign. We know that the player will pass in the SGC at the beginning and at the end of each mission. Will it not be a risk of cutting the missions? Or will the missions be divided in "chapters" ?
Kor Asek - Eurrr no ...Why will the missions be cut? On that point, we are stay close of the series: a good episode begins with a departure from the base with the stupid jokes of O’neill, finishes with a return in emergency under the enemies' fires, don't them? The missions are written in a framework that lasts in all the game, they will be enough chapters, and enough longs to be nice without being borings.

Sev - You told me to not hesitate to ask you about the scenario, so I am not going to forego myself about it! We finally know, not much things about the scenario of SGTNE. Can you deliver us some more details?
Kor Asek - I am not going to unveil the framework of the synopsis, however, you can wait for something amazing, mixing an epic side close to heroic fantasy, with pure and leating off steam fights, plots, and technological problems. For example, there will be some enigma of logical, where you will need the intelligence of Daniel to not die, euuurr.... to continue the mission... (Hin! Hin! Hin!)

Sev - To conclude i must ask you THE question that everybody is waiting for. Are you talking about a date of released in the team, for the demo or the game? To remember, the game was announced on the end of 2007.
Kor Asek - But actually the game is a fake, you don't know it ? Besides we are going to begin to ask you some money and go with it.
Seriously, I will repeat sillily a joke so bad that even X-303 will not do (it is to say) :
YES, a date is fixed.

We have decided to launch the game. We have hidden a date on that image; it's up to you to find it. The first who find it win a candles dinner with Binar.
Picture here.

Sev - Thank you for all your answers. Good luck, and thank you again!
Kor Asek - Well, I would like to thank all my groupies for their unfaulty fidelity (and secondarily all our fans who cheer us). That's all!!!


I found the date, I'm pretty sure of it :-) .

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Really? Could you give a little bit help? :D

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