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were gonna let the splurge out on our 3 gamemodes and the maps we plan to include in the beta release

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Capture and control

there will be six points on a map and 2 bases, oneteam starts in each base. The base has ammo and vehicles(that respawn) and is the ONLY spawnpoint. The objective is to capture all the spawn points OR run the enemy out of respawns. Each army has aselect amount of respawns, some have more than others but have weaker men while some are powerful individuals but low in numbers. Anyway the mission is to kill of the enemy reinforcements or cature all the objective points


Annihilation is a team deathmatch through and through. 2 teams are pitted against each other in a epic duel of explosive awsomeness. The 2 teams will spawn in their spawn witch is also where vehicles spawn and from there must move to annihilate the enemy team by running them out of respawns/reinforcements

Deff race

deff race is a more experimental gamemode and will NOT be featured in the beta release. But it will be a every man for himself deathmatch in 40k vehicles. each vehicle has its strengths and its weekness


so far the 3maps we have planned are


this map will be a rats style map IN A GW STORE. it will be a annihilation map and should be fun to duke it out overa game table or on the painting counter, dodgeing lascannons behind a old box of dark eldar.


this map will be a capture and controll map that atkes place in the deep jungle, there are 4 rouds leading to aruinind city with a single controll point in it, then everywhereelse is dense junglethat only infantry and walkerscan traverse, hidden in the jungle is 4 more controll pointsand at the north and south of the map are the 2 bases

we will keep you postedwith the other maps that we are planning once they are underway

holyknight - - 213 comments

sounds freaking awesome.

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doctorwhoy1 - - 47 comments

i cant wait...
Its gonna be like tf2 + warhammer 40k?

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Savant7 - - 66 comments

3 maps? you've only mentioned 2 there. anyway sounds good, are the objective points gonna be in a straight line like the war gamemode in call of duty? or is it gonna be more like the points in the star wars battlefront series that are just spread out over the map?

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sirsnipes Author
sirsnipes - - 250 comments


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