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Take a quick look at professions and how you can evolve the character during your Gamedec playthrough.

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Every gamedec has a story to tell about a life they once had. Every one of them has a background that shifts the way they see the world and defines their approach to problem-solving. It’s like second nature - sometimes long forgotten, other times locked away like a bad dream.

This is how professions work in our game – on the mechanical level they define character progress, on a narrative one – they help you flesh-out details about your gamedec’s past.


When navigating the profession tree – you can as usually, choose whether you are a focused expert, brilliant in one chose field or rather a jack of all trades, master of none. The latter gives you specific freedom of approach when dealing with day-to-day challenges of medium difficulty. Still, it might be impossible to tackle complicated situations – you won't be in control anymore, left with a need to improvise and hope for the best.

For example, let's say you have a pack of three bottom tier professions, like Influencer, Medic, and Technician. That would allow you to work your natural charisma to manipulate people around, find hidden data caches that belong to virtualia designers, and give someone a CPR. But if you were to invest fully in the News-related branch (that is: go from Influencer to Journalist, Reporter and finally a Swapper), you would become a real information-broker. You have a press pass, own informants, ability to install and disable micro-cameras, and an inhuman ability to find your way into any database.

On the other hand – being an expert in a specific path lets you thrive in some environments but leaves you somewhat awkward in others. Not every case can be solved only by your vast knowledge of Chi-Tong - a programming language based on ideograms, allowing you to hack the hell out of everything, sometimes you might need to be able to perform a field operation or use the strength of your muscles.

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What you might find difficult, as a player, is to resist temptations – since you are retro-actively defining your background, we allow you to unlock professions mid-interactions. During a dialogue with a character, you will see profession-specific choices, even those you did not choose, and – if you have aspects needed – you can unlock at that very moment.

Will you resist the urge to gain the upper hand and stay true to your original plan for gamedec’s background, or will you allow circumstances to form your past?

The choice is yours, and you are a sum of your choices.

What do you think about professions? Would you like to know more about them?

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