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Bonus armours, weapons, and a sinister ambience through texture adjustments and terrain modification...

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New features...

1, Upgraded to M&B v1.003.
2, Burnt grass and ash now replaces the pale green meadows.
3, Flagellant troops are now hireable.
4, Female crossbow men/women are now hireable.
5, Four new female armours (retextures of same model, two designs, each come in sleeved and non sleeved).
6, Two straw and wood armours.
7, Two animal skull mounted helmets/hats (which when combined with the straw armour, look pretty good).
8, New horse, although nothing exciting (like that of a hunter but every so slightly more bloody and with slightly altered stats).
9, Defensive sickle and sword, to create an illusion of dual wielding (had plans for more, like varied swords and axes, but ran out of time).
10, Horse head mask (originally going to be retextured but looked more gruesome as it was...blends well with flagellant bare torso).
11, Witchfinder's crossbow and silver bolts.
12, Some stat editing; the scythe is now not so powerful and I think I altered some others as well.
13, As a little special treat...for purely fun based purposes only... a headless skull helm (when used your character will have no head/appear headless).

Other (General) Contents....

1, Retextured Calradia world (The difference in atmosphere is dramatic).
2, ALOT of bonus gear... ragged dresses, flagallent outfits, death robes, plague doctor outfit...
3, More weapons, such as a Scythe.
4, Retextured Strange Armour into Bone + Flesh Armour.

Possible Future features...

1, Toggle-able fog, for atmosphere but removable if effecting gaming.
2, More scenery and props (in relation to the mods theme).
3, More quests (in relation to the mods theme).
4, Even more additional helms, armours and weapons.
5, Each fraction assigned a possible religion and armours or outfits relating to them (fictional but based on exisiting).

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