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format of some features that will soon be in or things that are in the gamr.

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Features in the Game

  • Interact-able A.i
  • Enter-able buildings
  • Drain mechanic
  • time based
  • Interesting Story
  • multiple dialogue options

1.) The A.I in the game tend to either lead you into solving the murder or stray you away from the truth, theirs multiple dialogue tree options so you get to choose from a variety of topics to discuss with the the different folk of elvindale.

2.) With the buildings there fairly simply built but some changes such as the interior may be rebuilt to give them a better look.

3.)The drain mechanic along with the time based mechanic is something new were trying to bring to the story based genre, in the game you have limited time to solve the murders and find the culprit before its too late. Draining people in elvindale is essential to staying alive within the game and the people you choose to drain may either help or hurt you in the process.

4.)The story in the game is something we are taking much thought and effort into, we want to leave the player with an experience that is great and fulfilling. We don't want to get too much into detail since some things are changing to improve gameplay and the user's experience.

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