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A closer look into the world of the wandering blades....

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The Vagrants


The Vagrants are the feudal faction of the trio of peoples represented in the game. They are for the most part, extremely poor, and are the embodiment of the lower class. Much of their population is workers, tending the farmlands and fields of the Greater Wing, feeding the very warriors who persecute them. The Vagrants are a completely different offshoot then their Hokuten counterparts, in that they are not an organized force. While the Hokuten are the militant representation of the Greater Wing, the Vagrants operate outside of any contact with huddled masses that they stem from. They act as a separate portion of the same society, a dedicated class of warriors intent only on forwarding their skill with the sword against enemies that will truly give them a challenge.


The swordsmen and women classified as Vagrants are known to be disciples of one of the Three Teachers, known only as the Wandering Master, and practice his tenets religiously. Enigmatic and cryptic, little is known about how they organize themselves. It seems that there exists warrior lodges or brotherhoods, as several Vagrants have been seen wearing similar markings/weapons. However, one thing is clear, in that they are not adverse to fighting each other in their quest to seek the ultimate level of their craft.


A few things are similar among Vagrant duelists. The first and foremost is their need to engage their adversary in single combat and armed similarly for the most fair test of strength. Vagrants have been seen dueling amongst crowds of rioters, never engaging more than one opponent. The second is that they are prone to wander constantly, with a select few taking up residences for a time longer than a few days. The exception of course, would be the Elevated of the sacred Tenken Bunka, however, there are several exceptions that apply to elevated Vagrants. The third and last is the "Blade Rite", the duel to test strength, which every single one of their duelists practices. The "Blade Rite" is all encompassing and can be enacted at any time against anyone, so long as the challenge is accepted. As a whole the Vagrants are a silent breed with very few words. Besides their lust for the challenge and the duel, very little is known about what motivates them.

Harimau - - 515 comments

Good stuff.

Looking forward to more of these.

How about some concepts of the different variations (in terms of clothing, equipment, etc.) of the Vagrants?

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Jkupo Author
Jkupo - - 29 comments

Duly noted. The whole reason we've separated the features into articles is so they can be constantly updated. We'll of course TELL you when its updated in the news though. Thanks for the comment!

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