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A through the keyhole look into the secret society of the Black Rose.

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The Black Rose

The society of the Black Rose is probably the most mysterious of the trio of factions that exist in the Berimbau universe. Made up of the fallen aristocracy of kingdoms and fiefdoms crushed by the armor clad boots of the Greater Wing, the descendants of these fallen kings and queens are tied together in their bond of royalty and history. Unified in their hatred of the Greater Wing for taking away their status and titles, the Black Rose has existed peacefully beneath the supposed peace brought on by the conquest of the world by the Greater Wing.


The nature of dueling to the Black Rose is more a matter of pride and a test of skill. Even those that have not gone through the extreme process of becoming a full fledged Phasic, duel, for sport and for leisure. Its not uncommon for the youth of the Black Rose Society to be seen dueling privately and being tutored in the arts. However, due to Law 2219, these practices have been forced underground. However, the Society has always known how to conceal its practices and thus is the least effected by the influx of Hokuten movement throughout the cities. However their band is not bloodless in the conflict. Many famed Rose duelists are known to be wanted by the Hokuten currently, and are also known to be sought out by prominent Vagrant duelists.

The style of fighting that the Rose favor is similar to the way they live, moving through concealment and deception. Power through influencing their opponents moves into a dance that they control, that they lead, and that they eventually win.

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so, the "Dancers of Death" then...

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