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A list of planned features for Berimbau. This is pretty rough at this stage and is due to change from playtests.

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Core features:

  • "Duel" gameplay, where each player only engages one other player at a
    time. Many duels can happen at once, players are free to challenge
  • Open sword fighting system allows you to unleash a string
    of attacks. Careful yet aggressive fighting styles are strategically
    superior to random hacking and slashing.
  • Three sword "stances" that can be switched mid-battle, even mid-combo.
    • "Balanced" stance trades power for flexibility, being able to counter-attack at will when attacks are blocked.
    • "Heavy" stance trades speed for power and unleash killing blows
    • "Reverse"
      stance emphasizes speed and stealth attacks, allowing one to dash
      instantly behind an opponent when an attack is dodged.
  • An integrated community website with personal stat tracking (and possibly ranking).

Future features include:

  • Leap-attacks, launch-into-air attacks.
  • Taunts and bows.
  • Selectable swords.
  • Ambient effects (dust kicking up, falling leaves).
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